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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Using Wind Power as Alternative Energy?

"What are those Mommy?  They look like giant pinwheels!"

~Jude - 4 years old 

That is just one of the many questions that Jude has asked from the backseat of my car - and honestly, I did not really know how to answer him when he asked me what "those things" were.  So I told him we would do some research.  Yes, he is 4 and we came home and did some research on the wind farms that are in Colorado.  

Before I could really sit down and help Jude understand wind power and renewable energy I knew I had to educate myself.  

Windsource® Power Facts:

  • Xcel Energy has a program called Windsource® that allows customers (both residential and businesses) to purchase blocks of wind power or you can even choose to power your entire house with wind energy.
  • Xcel Energy has nearly 5,300 megawatts of wind on their system, enough to power nearly 2.7 million average-size homes annually.
  • Purchasing Windsource® supports affordable and domestic energy production that provides electricity price stability and prepares us for the future.
  • Xcel Energy is the nation’s No. 1 wind power provider for the past decade.
  • Wind Power can help to keep energy rates affordable by protecting customers against rising fuel and other costs - more than just an environmental issue!
  • Windsource® enables Xcel Energy’s electric customers to purchase renewable energy, generated above and beyond the renewable energy in our standard energy supply.

After I did my research I was very proud to live in Colorado, a state that is focused on helping customers not only advance the green technology but also move towards lower costs on energy.  So, these wind farms are so much more than fun looking pinwheels!  

Teaching Children About Wind Power:

I had Jude draw me a picture of the wind farm and we discussed what those BIG pinwheels do.  We also talked about why we need to be more careful with the energy we use in our home.  He is 4 so turning off lights is not on his radar.  I told him that with the wind that we feel when we walk outside we can get power to turn on the lights in our house!  This very smart 4 year old was processing this statement for a long time!  

The best part about this conversation is that Jude is now telling everyone to save energy by turning off electronics and lights but also that every time he feels or hears the wind his eyes light up and he looks at us and says "Energy!"  Simply put - I am glad that Jude asked me what "those things" were because I am not more aware of the alternative energy movement the Xcel Energy Colorado is making!  

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If you’d like to join Windsource® to support the increase in renewable energy generation, and to be a part of a growing community of environmentally-sensitive consumers you can call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 or visit to enroll.

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Xcel Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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