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Friday, January 9, 2015

X-Arena Party Center - #Denver #Colorado - Birthday Parties and Events

Disclosure:  I was provided with a compensated party with X-Arena Party Center in return for my honest opinions and review.  As always, all opinions are my own.  

I had always wondered what X-Arena Party Center was - this building is literally minutes from our house and we had never checked it out.  When I was contacted by X-Arena Party Center I had to look at their website to get a feel for what they were.  Once I read about it, I knew that we had to set up a visit.

What is X-Arena?
X-Arena caters to energetic groups of kids ages 5-12, teens, or adults in the Denver area that are wanting to encounter fun games of skill, wit, and determination! Each event will be facilitated by our friendly coaching staff to ensure a fun and safe experience for all. Your coach will guide your group through a variety of unique stunts, climbing challenges, competition games, obstacle courses, and team building activities.

Over winter break we invited Jude's classmates and siblings of his classmates to join us for a Winter Break Party at X-Arena.  Look at our group!!  We had a diverse age group, the youngest was Teagan and the oldest were a couple of the sisters' of Jude's buddies who were 11.  A good group of kids too who were totally ready for a great day!  

None of us had ever visited X-Arena so we had no idea what to expect but I know that all of us left thinking that we would all be back again.  The Arena if filled with activities, the room is huge and bright.  When I first read up on this place I was worried that the preschool class would not be able to do any of the activities but that certainly was not a problem. 

When you decide to host your party at X-Arena you get to sit back and watch the kids have fun while the trained staff directs them through the activities.  Did I mention that there are over 75 different activities that can be set up for your party!!  YES 75, that means you could come back multiple times and have a different run through every time.  So fun.  

I love hosting parties but having someone else run the activity was a treat for me.  The staff is amazing, they talk through every activity and show how to do it safely.  Safety first!!  Once the staff has gone through the activity the kids get plenty of time to play and try to do the challenge.  I felt like the challenges/activities that we got to do were totally age appropriate for the young kids and even the older kids.  

It was so much fun to see the kids attempt these activities and succeed.  There was a lot of "I DID IT!" screams! 

Having an indoor place for the kids to run out their energy and have fun with each other on winter break was a great idea.  It was an afternoon that got the parents to have some time to get to know one another as well.   

Get that chicken boys!!!  Most of these activities are funny too.  The laughs and fun with every activity made the experience even better.  

When you visit for your birthday party event not only can you have the time in the arena to do the activities but you can also rent the party room for lunch, cake and presents afterwards.  Again, a perfect way to plan an awesome birthday party that your child will talk about forever but done easy!  Boom!  

Oh Teagan!  She found a helmet and decided she needed to wear it the rest of the time.  So funny.  Probably a good thing though, she is a dare devil!!  

Oh and Jude found a helmet too.  Only my kids.  HA!!

I was really proud of Jude for all of the activities that he achieved while we were there.  HE was having fun and really trying hard to do all of the challenges.  So sure, he had fun but it was also a day of courage building, teamwork and a nice pre-nap work out!  HA!

X-Arena is a great place for a child's party BUT we cannot forget the adults.  They also host and run Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, The big ones birthdays (30, 40, 50), Team Building Events and even Guys Night Out.  Remember this Arena is not just for kids.  The moment the adults found out that kids do not have to be involved in the parties we all thought about how fun it would be for an adult night out.  Gives you an excuse to be a kid again!  

For some of the kids that wanted to really get off of the air and do something crazy they did this!  It is called The Human Catapult.  This is a 3 person swing and in order for it to work you must use teamwork and RUN!!!  Even the littlest kids got to do it!  

Even the big kids got to play on this one.  Again, just another reason why this event center is the perfect place to host a party or team building event.  The activities can be modified with out much work or effort to accommodate any age level.  So much fun to see some of the dads AND moms partaking in the adventures!  

X-Arena information:

9499 N. Washington St. Suite B 
Thornton, CO 80229 
(303) 255-2221

X-Arena is open by appointment Monday through Sunday and can be available 24 hours a day if need be. Typically, weekend activities start at or around 10am.

Pricing Information can be found here

X-Arena Website
X-Arena Facebook 

Have you ever visited a place like this in your area?

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