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Friday, February 6, 2015

Disney Junior Live: Pirate & Princess Adventure

Last weekend we surprised the kids with a trip to see Sofia and Jake at the Disney Junior Live show.  They were so excited!!  Unfortunately, Jude was feeling pretty run down with a virus but we planned his medication accordingly and he still enjoyed his time.  

We told Teagan that she could wear her Sofia the First dress and that Jude would need to wear his Jake shirt.  Once we were all dressed and ready we headed to the show.  

Teagan was so excited to see Sofia but little did she know that her favorite, Doc McStuffins, would be coming for a visit too!  Doc showed up a couple minutes before showtime and we sang and danced with Doc.  So fun!

Look at this girl!  She is so into the princess stuff now.  She loves playing dress up too.  Oh and check out those pink cowgirl boots!

Twirling and dancing before the show.  

Ready for the show!  We felt terrible that Jude was feeling so sick but we knew if we made him stay at home he would have been devastated.  Once we got to the car after the show he was exhausted.  This virus was no joke!  

I love being able to take the kids to shows like this.  Listening to them oooo and ahhhh and sing along is so worth the overpriced snacks, tickets and souvenirs.  

Teagan was really happy to see a real life Pirate, Jude on the other hand was not impressed.  HA!!  Now keep in mind that he wasn't feeling well but I think his face says it all.  STAY AWAY FROM ME!

I would recommend this show for ages 2-10 for sure!  My kids loved seeing their favorite Disney Characters up close and personal.  The showtime was 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission which was a perfect time for our kids. Just long enough.  

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  1. We saw this a year ago when it was in our area. We loved it!!


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