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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Bunny Visit 2015

We have a tradition of going up to the mall to visit THE BUNNY.  Jude has never been afraid of Santa or the Easter Bunny but Teagan on the other hand has been terrified of them both.  This year we really thought she would actually sit with the Easter Bunny with out us in the photo because she was so excited to go and couldn't stop talking about seeing the bunny.  Well, the moment we laid eyes on the Bunny she latched on to me and would not let go!  So this year Jeremy got to sit with the Easter Bunny too!!  

Maybe one day we will get a Santa or Easter Bunny Picture with just the two kids...maybe.  Jude also told us that he saw human skin between the bunny paws and coat - so yeah, there was that conversation.  We are not going to lie to him so we just said that we don't think it was a person in a costume but who knows?!  HA!  So that magic might be gone soon. 

They always make you take a family shot before going to the bunny.  This one turned out pretty cute.  

Hard to believe that Easter is this weekend!  Cannot wait to spend some time in the Arizona sun and with Jeremy's parents this Easter.  It will be a great break from Colorado!  

Do you take your kids to see The Easter Bunny? 

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  1. I used to, but my boys are a bit older and don;t really care anymore. My 10 year old definitely could care less and my 7 year old goes along with what ever his big brother says.

  2. This is so darling! I would love to get a picture of my kids and the Easter Bunny. You have a gorgeous family!

  3. Super cute! I've never gotten a good picture of Lennox with the Easter bunny. I'm hoping to get a picture this weekend when he visits our neighborhood! Happy Easter!

  4. I use to but son is so over it now. But then again he is 15.

  5. This photo makes me miss the great bunny visits we had when kids younger. Not sure the last time they went.

  6. Bunnies are cute .. but Imagine seeing a Life-Size bunny as a Kid .. Terrifying. You have a lovely family. Teagan is growing up so nicely

  7. We have actually never gone to see the Easter bunny but I know my kids wouldn't have liked him when they were little. These pics are adorable!!

  8. I can see why a gigantic bunny would be scary! The pictures came out great, though!


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