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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips For Bringing A New Cat Into Your Home

Disclosure:  This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, Litter Genie® and Fancy Feast®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Catparents

We have a new friend in our home, a couple weeks ago I introduced you all to our Valentine kitty named Sundae.  She is a sweet and gentle kitten who has brought some fun into our home from the moment we adopted her.  Sophie, our other cat, is slowly getting used to this new creature and soon I think they will be cuddle buddies.  We decided that after almost 2 years of being a one cat family it was time to get another cat for our home.  It was a huge decision but after months of talking about it Jeremy and I decided it would be a special Valentine's Day gift/treat for our family to go and adopt a cat.  

Tips For Bringing A New Cat Into Your Home 

1.  Make sure everyone is prepared for this new kitty in the house:  this is especially important for homes with children.  Make it clear that in order for the kitty to be a happy family member that kitty needs to feel safe and secure. 

2.  Stock Up On Cat Food:  In our home we usually feed our cats dry food but every Saturday night we give our cats a treat.  Wet food!!!  Fancy Feast has always been our cats favorite, so we thought our newest little friend would enjoy it as well.  Sure enough!  Sundae was so excited to have this special treat!  Did you know that Fancy Feast has been around for over 25 years?  Every delicious Fancy Feast selection is made with high-quality protein sources and ingredients.  Exactly what cat parents want to hear!  High quality ingredients for high quality friends!  

3.  Be Gentle:  That phrase has been yelled a lot in our home in the last couple of weeks!  Just a little reminder to the crazy kiddos of the home.  Be Gentle with the kittens, they are smaller than cats.  These simple reminders are important while everyone gets used to the new family member.  

4.  Kitty Proof:  we have all done it for toddlers and now it is time to focus on those kitties.  Cats are explorers and that is what they will want to do when they come into their new home.  That is great, however, you must prevent that new kitty from finding things that she could chew on, tear up, or swallow.  Example:  trash, cleaning supplies, food, plastic, small toys (not cat toys), ect.  

5.  Create a Litter Space:  Part of having a cat is having a litter box.  It is important to have a designated space for this box.  Recently, we found a way to make the litter space in our house a lot easier to manage and perfect for our small space.  The Litter Genie - it is magic!  The Litter Genie has helped us be better #CatParents and now with another cat using the box we can keep the box nice and clean daily without having to run the waste out to the trash.  

To use the Litter Genie it only takes seconds to refresh your home and remove any kitty box stinks.  

Step one - Scoop Litter Box

Step two - Open Lid and dispose of litter clumps
Step three - Pull handle to simply seal the stink inside the Litter Genie

Its unique air-tight design helps keep smells in even when you open the lid and the waste is sealed away for up to 14 days for one cat.  Currently, we take the waste out on trash day which is once a week - purrrfect!
6.  Introductions:  Cats are like us, sometimes it takes awhile for us to open up and start talking to one another.  Slowly introducing your new kitty to any other cats in the home will pave the road to a healthier friendship between those cats.  Did you know that a cat may need 2 weeks to relax and enjoy the new home?  When we introduced Sophie and Sundae to one another we let them sniff, hiss and growl at one another with a door in between them.  Go slow at first.  Soon everyone will be at peace.

7.  Toys and accessories:  You have your essentials - Litter box and food but now it it time to dress up that cat.  Buy the new cat a collar and id tag.  Even though we have indoor cats we still do this just in case they get out of the house.  Buy plenty of kitty toys, kittens need to play!  Sophie is 10 years old and having Sundae around has made her way more playful as well!  Buy the new cat her own food and water bowl - everyone deserves their own dishes!  

8.  Chore Time:  Talk about how the cat or cats will be taken care of.  Who will feed and water them every day?  Who will clean the litter box?  Who will groom them?  Who will play with them?  This is a family friend so make sure the family helps care for her.  

9.  Vet:  Always take your new kitty to the vet with in the first week of adoption.  It is important to have the kitten have a wellness exam to make sure she is healthy.  This also allows you to bring up any concerns or questions you may have since bringing your new kitty home.  

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Even if you are not bringing another cat into your family, I really suggest you look into the Litter Genie, litter boxes are my least favorite part of owning cats but with the Litter Genie this chore is a lot easier. 

10.  Have Fun:  The last tip I want to give you.  Have fun!!  Enjoy this new friend.  Enjoy watching your kids love on a new pet.  Enjoy the amazing feeling you get when you adopt a furbaby that needed your home.  Being a Cat Parent is fun!!  

What are your tips for any new #CatParents out there?

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  1. Great tips for having a cat. My kids want a cat but the 8 year old is allergic to them.

  2. Great tips. We have two cats and know how finicky they can be. They have very strong personalities.

  3. These are such great tips! I actually did most of these whenI got my mom a new cat for Christmas!

  4. I love these tips!! I'm thinking of getting a new cat myself!


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