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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who Needs Some Mom Me-Time?

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I have a serious question for all of you moms out there:

Do you need some Mom Me-Time?  

And by Mom Me-Time I mean some get-a-way time for YOU! Be honest with yourself, that answer is YES!  

Well it is your lucky day, there is a pretty amazing sweepstakes going on right now from Best Western, and they want to give some lucky moms some much deserved me time!  Will it be you?


The Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes is full of great prizes - you could win five nights away at a Best Western as well as a $2500 gift card!!  WOW!!  So do you need this?  YES!!!  You can nominate yourself, or nominate a very deserving mom that you adore!  Guess what?  If the mom you nominate wins you also win the same grand prize!  

Most of us moms have a really hard time focusing on just us when we do get away for some Mom Me-Time and with the opportunity to spend $2500 what would you do?  It is a hard decision and a great prize for sure!.   If I won I would spend my 5 days away totally focused on relaxing!

My dream Mom Me-Time: 
Spa Day to the MAX, Ordering Room Service, Pool Time and splurging on a new hand bag I have been eyeing.  Oh man, anyone want to nominate me?  ;)   

Need a little laugh?  Click on the link below to see this funny video! We adore our kids and while we are away this is what they thing we are doing!  Silly things kids think and say - some of the best moments of being a parent! 

Do you know a busy mom who deserves some "Me-Time"? MOMinate her today and you both could win a grand prize that includes 5 nights at a Best Western branded hotel and a $2,500 MasterCard gift card. Enter below and you'll also have a chance to win a free room night in our daily drawing.ENTER HERE >>>> http://bit.ly/MomMeTime.
Posted by Best Western on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alright so spill the beans - who will you be nominating for the Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes and why does that Mom deserve to win the Mom Me-Time?  

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  1. This sound great! Wish I was a mom so I could enter.

  2. I would love to win some me time!

  3. Me time is so important! This would be awesome to win!

  4. What a great contest! I so could use this!

  5. I could definitely use some Mom-Me Time :)

  6. I could use some mom-me time! I would nominate my best friend who is new mother of 2

  7. I would, like everyone else, love to win some me time and money to enjoy it, but I would nominate my mom...I can't think of a single person more deserving of some time away and some money to spend only on herself! My mom spends all of her time working and taking care of the house, the pets and her husband, and fills in her "spare time" helping her children and grandchildren, and spends all of her money doing the same. Mom took an early retirement from the bank she worked for over 25 years, but had to go back to work because the economy got so bad that all three of her adult children needed financial help and her house isn't big enough to accommodate us all. If anyone on the planet deserves to win this, it is, without doubt, my mom!

  8. I need some definite me time. This is fantastic.

  9. This is an amazing prize for Me-Time! I would nominate my sister and my mother.


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