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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TTC Should Be a No Brainer

Before I was married and even thinking of Trying to Conceive I always figured that the act of getting pregnant and having a child was an easy thing. Oh that would have been great if that was true! How many of you just rolled your eyes when I said that? Getting pregnant is supposed to be easy - it is science after all! HA! Experiences change every point of view and opinion.I have to preface this discussion and tell you all that I fully realize that while our TTC took longer than I ever expected I realize we are so blessed with two healthy pregnancies, deliveries and kiddos.

And now on to our TTC story. Like I said, I never thought that I would be tracking, testing and waiting as much as I did for 9 months prior to getting my first positive pregnancy test. Call me naive but I really wasn't at all worried about getting pregnant. Through our TTC journey we were tested. It was difficult at times but with the support of our family, friends and even some online forum boards I found a way to really focus on the science of TTC.

On the 9th month of TTC, I decided to test while I was at home by myself on a snow day - hello Colorado blizzard! When I saw that the test was positive I was so excited that I braved the crazy icy roads to head to the store to buy a fun baby pajama set to surprise Jeremy with it when he got home from work. Wow - I seriously remember it like it was yesterday and it has been over 5 years ago!!

Sometimes I look at my belly photos and miss it - and then I think about being outnumbered by kids to adults in our home and I totally shake that idea! ha! Once we felt like we were ready for baby number 2 I decided we had to get going on the TTC journey because I knew it would take months again.

Round 2 was different. I made sure my body was ready and I focused on the science of the process - yes so romantic! But it is real. With the help of charting, testing and the addition of Astroglide TTC™ I found myself testing positive after just 2 months of trying! I literally took 4 pregnancy tests before I told Jeremy because I couldn't believe it!

My life lesson here - count your blessings. I have seen so many of my friends struggle with infertility and I know how truly lucky we are to have only been in the TTC journey for a total of 11 months and ending with 2 healthy pregnancies and children. For those of you that think that the journey of parenthood is going to be easy - you might be surprised and when you are, start focusing on the science and invest in the Astroglide TTC™ to help the process along the way.

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Was your TTC journey an easy one or were you left surprised as well?

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine

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