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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jude's 5 Year Old Pictures and Stats

On June 25th, Jude turned FIVE!!  Hard to believe.  On his birthday week and weekend we had a ton of fun with friends and family.  Even Grandma and Grandpa from Arizona came to help Jude celebrate being 5.  

A couple of days ago we went to our local Target to get Jude's yearly birthday photos.  He did great and gave us some perfect CHEESE FACE smiles but also some real Jude smiles.  Here are a few of our favorite.  

Jude's Official 5 Year Old Stats:

Weight -  60 pounds    99% Percentile 
Height -  48 inches  99% Percentile  

Healthy and Happy boy!  He had to get 2 shots while at his check up and he made it VERY clear that he was not happy about it but we survived and got through those shots.  He is happy that he will not have to have shots for school until he is 11!!  YAY!  

Jude's height and weight are on the same curve as they always have been.  No concerns since he is such an active little boy every day.  

Things I do not want to forget:

  • Jude is enjoying playing soccer this summer. 
  • Also in Taekwondo 2 times a week.  Loving it!  
  • Jude will be in 5 day half day preschool in a few months. 
  • Jude has a lot of friends he loves hanging out with - some favorites:  Cooper, Carver, Eve, and Hayden.  
  • Jude's favorite color is yellow. 
  • Jude is getting great at writing his name. 
  • He adores raspberries and thinks it is fun that we now have a raspberry bush in our garden.  Yum!
  • He wears size 7/8 clothing.  
  • He enjoys learning about the human body, mummies and space.  
  • LOVES Ninja Turtles and Superheroes like Spider-Man. 
  • Loving and caring and really attentive to everything and everyone. 
  • So smart it is scary.  

Happy Birthday buddy!!  We love you so much and enjoy the happy, silly, caring boy you are every day!  

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  1. I just love this boy!! He's getting so big and they are growing up too fast!

  2. Five is just so big kid status to me!! He's so handsome!!


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