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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jude's Taekwondo Tournament

About two months ago we took Jude for a free trial class at a local Taekwondo studio.  We were not sure if he would enjoy it but wow he LOVES it and we are seeing some great improvements.  

Last weekend Jude had his first tournament and while we were not expecting much since he has only be in class for a couple of months, he totally blew our minds.  

He not only got a trophy for his listening skills but also followed along to the commands and sequences that the instructors requested.  So proud!  I have a feeling that we will be taking Jude to Taekwondo for years to come.  I love that he has found something that he enjoys and is also helping him control his body and mind.  


 After the tournament he had the chance to break his first board.  He was so excited.  The whole studio was watching him but BAM!  He did it!!!  So cool!  He has his first broken board in his room, signed and dated!  

Do you or your kids enjoy any Martial Arts?

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  1. Congrats Jude! Great job. Looks like fun!

  2. Awww congrats to little Jude. I love when children come into their own hobbies and talents. How old is he?

  3. I keep thinking about getting my kiddos into this. I remember both my brothers doing it and loving it!

  4. Aww good for him! I wish my kids had gotten into this when they were young.

  5. He looks so cute! I remember when I use to take my little cousin to his tournament practice. I would be so shock how little he was doing those high kick and more.

  6. It's so great when kids are interested in activities like this that keep them active! My daughter has an interest in Karate and although she is not taking classes, it's something we're considering.


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