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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Celebratory #SundaeFundae - Jude's New Belt

This post has been written as a partnership with J.M. Sucker Company and the #SundaeFundae campaign. I have been compensated for this post but all opinions are 100% my own.

Jude is growing into the Taekwondo world faster and easier than we ever imagined.  Honestly, this might be "his sport".  Last week he was preparing for his first belt test and ceremony.  We decided as a family we would celebrate this special event with our very own #SundaeFundae bar.  The day of his test, which was also his first day of school, he was a little nervous but he did great.  Once he saw his instructor he was set and ready! 

He and his classmates did their forms with their instructor and showed off their hard work.  So proud!!  In the picture you can see he was totally focused and ready.  I love it.  I cannot wait to see what the next year is like with this activity in his life.  

Once the master saw the white belts hard work and focus they were rewarded with their first new belt!  It is the turtle shell belt - basically a middle belt between the white and orange belt.  This was such an accomplishment for Jude and a huge motivator to continue doing hard work and focusing on the next belt in the rotation. 

Jude knew that his celebration after the belt ceremony was waiting at home for him.  Time for some Sundaes!!  Yummy! Our Smucker’s® toppings were ready and the ice cream was perfectly chilled!  Time to celebrate!!!   

I am so happy that after a long day of preparing for the first day of school, going to work and then the Taekwondo belt ceremony we could go home and relax with some of our favorite ice cream toppings from Smucker’s®.  Stocking up on these toppings before the big day at Kroger made this #SundaeFundae even better!  Creating special memories with the family can be small little things like a Sundae party to make a bowl of ice cream even sweeter.   

Yummy!  Ice cream parlors are fun, but the option to top your favorite ice cream with all the toppings you want - priceless!  Now that we have these toppings, I know we will be having a lot more special Sundae celebrations in our family.  

Our little guy celebrating after a day full of firsts!!  Good job buddy!!  

Here is a picture of Jude sporting his new turtle shell white belt and a high block form!  So proud of Jude.  I know we will be sharing more of these Taekwondo moments with you all in the future. 

What celebration will you have a #SundaeFundae for?

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  1. Sundae fun! What a great way to end the day after a big work out.

  2. That is so awesome! Congrats to your sweet boy. It's wonderful when kids find something they do well that makes them feel proud. Definitely worth celebrating and it looks like you did it in a very yummy way!

  3. I want to celebrate surviving the first football game. My feet are exhausted but it was fun.

  4. Congrats to Jude! I would have a Sundae Fundae to celebrate the start of school, woo hoo! We love Smuckers toppings, especially their hot fudge.

  5. Congrats Jude! That's a great reason to celebrate with ice cream.

  6. Congrats, it is the perfect way to treat your son :), m son also would a huge fanatic of ice cream

  7. Congrats! I believe that giving kids what they enjoy the most as a reward, is the best technique. This technique will motivate them to always try their best. Thanks for sharing and again CONGRATS!


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