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Friday, August 28, 2015

Funny Face Snack Pack® Pudding Cups

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Snack Pack®.

Are you smiling?  You should be after seeing those adorable Funny Face Snack Pack® Pudding Cups my kids created.  Back to School is here, Jude has been back in the action for over two weeks already, doesn't seem possible.  If you are anything like me, you probably struggle with the whole snack and lunch prep for school.  I feel like the kids get so bored with the usual so this school year I decided I am going to find easy additions to my snack and lunch prep that will get the kids involved and interested in the food. 

I am not a Bento Box mom by any means, just want to make that clear!  Ha!  That is why I like finding items like Snack Pack® Pudding Cups that are already prepared and ready for packing.  I love pudding and so do the kids, but why not get a little creative with our food?

When you look at these pudding cups they are like a blank canvas don't you think?  A yummy Vanilla, Chocolate or Butterscotch blank canvas.  

The idea of our Funny Face Snack Pack® Pudding Cups came from a simple pack of stickers.  The kids, especially Teagan, love stickers.  I picked up a few random packs and she started making faces out of these eyeballs and mustache stickers.  So funny.  That gave me the idea - a pudding cup with a personality.  

Once I set the stickers and Snack Pack® cups in front of them, they knew exactly what was going on. It was so fun to see them create their own little funny face pudding cups and give them their own personalities.  I told them that now that we have decorated all of these Snack Pack® Pudding Cups they would be ready for fast snacking and lunches.  Jude was very excited to show off his pudding cups to his friends.  

We even had some silly commentary from Jude and Teagan through out our craft time.  Even though this was a food project it was also a great craft for the two of them.  The concentration was adorable - Funny Face creation is serious stuff!  

Once all of our Snack Pack® pudding cups were decorated appropriately they really felt like they needed to eat one.  They twisted my arm and to add a little more silliness to the project we made some hair for the little googly eyed pudding cups.  

The mix-in options with Snack Pack® are truly endless.  We have added candy, whipped cream, sprinkles, popcorn and even pretzels to our pudding cups.  For our hair I decided to crush up some chocolate and vanilla cookies.  Such a simple process - simply fill a reusable bag with cookies and crush them with a rolling pin until they are your desired consistency.  

The kids topped their Funny Face Snack Pack® Pudding Cups with the crushed cookies to create some hair.  Adding the hair was such a cute idea too.  Miss Teagan felt the need to add A TON of hair, Jude seemed to like his pudding guy bald.  This was such a fun project and snack with the kids.  

This back to school season take a moment to slow down and enjoy a tasty and fun treat with the kids. Snack Pack® comes in a variety of flavors and offers endless mix-in opportunities the kids can help prepare. Each serving of Snack Pack® is fortified with as much calcium as an 8-oz glass of milk,* so you can feel good about serving your kids Snack Pack®

For mix-in inspiration, visit Snack Pack® on Pinterest and Facebook!

** All Snack Pack® products contain 30% DV calcium, with the exception of Bakery Shop Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Pudding, and Snack Pack Gels. 

What Mix-Ins will you be adding to your back to school Snack Pack®?

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  1. Haha that is too cute. Can I Come play to? Mustaches look good on everything.

  2. This is such a cute idea and it sure looks like your kiddos had a blast! We love Snack Pack Pudding Cups in our house and enjoy them quite often.

  3. Such a cute idea. Kid will have so much fun making this before they et to snack!

  4. Sooo cute! It's great to add the fun component to snack time!

  5. This is so cool. I like all the little things you added like the eyes and mustache

  6. I love how these are silly and fun, yet easy to make. I like the things you added to the puddings.

  7. These are so cute, and I love Snack Packs. Pudding is one of my favorite snacks!

  8. This would be such a fun activity and treat for my daughter! I'll have to keep an eye out for eyeball stickers like the ones you used. I haven't seen ones like those and they look like the perfect size to add to the pudding cups.

  9. Censie these are absolutely adorable, I know the kids had fun making them

  10. This is really a cute way to make Snack Pack Pudding a special treat. Davey woudl love to decorate his pudding.

  11. What a clever idea! I just bought these pudding's at Costco a few days ago, my kids love them!

  12. Aww those are adorable. Fun to make.

  13. Oh these are such clever ideas. I would so love to surprise my kids with these kinds of lunch packs


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