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Friday, August 21, 2015

Splash Pad, Concerts and Snackation

Disclosure:  I was asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to share how we prepare for a SNACKACTION! All opinions are my own.

We have already gone back to school here in Colorado but that doesn't mean we are done with our adventures on the weekends.  The last couple of weeks we have had unbelievably HOT temperatures here which means most of our adventures have to include water.  This summer was full of weekend trips, vacations and new experiences but as we did all of those things we found that a way to really take control of our adventure budget and health was to bring our own snacks and meals if at all possible.  

I have gone back to the roots of the perfect on the go lunch when packing for our day trip adventures.  Hello PB&J!  We are a peanut butter loving family so really no one complains.  I always head to Walmart when planning food for our adventures because I can find all of the products my whole family loves to snack on in one stop!  Great Snackation prep!  

A new favorite of ours is the Smucker’s® Fruit-Fulls.  A perfect on-the-go pouch filled with pure blended fruit.  The kids have no idea how much delicious and good for them fruit they are enjoying when they eat those.  So good!  I picked up some Smucker’s® Squeeze Grape and Strawberry jelly - got to please both crowds and some Jif Peanut Butter for a perfect summertime sandwich and carrots to complete our lunch on our upcoming adventure.  I cannot wait to share our pictures from our adventure soon!  

We have one more camping trip planned this summer but mostly I think our summer adventures are coming to an end.  While I am sad about this, frankly, I am ready for some fall weather, autumn adventures and traditions!  Even once the season changes I know I will still be stopping at Walmart to pick up my Snackation necessities for our adventures!  

What do you pack on your adventures for snacks and lunch?

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