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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LeapFrog Word Whammer - Building Letter Skills

Disclosure: As LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see to. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

LeapFrog Word Whammer, gifts for preschoolers, LeapFrog Products, Word Whammer, educational gifts for kids.

My kids are so lucky - did you hear the news? Building Our Story is a proud member of the LeapFrog Mom Squad which means we get to try and test some of the newest learning toys from LeapFrog.  We have always enjoy all things LeapFrog so when we heard about being apart of this great review team the kids were so excited - so was I!  

Our first toy that I am sharing with all of you is the LeapFrog Word Whammer.  Both kids have loved playing with the Word Whammer and every once in while I will hear the kids randomly start playing with it and I love that because they are learning while playing!  So fun!

LeapFrog Word Whammer, gifts for preschoolers, LeapFrog Products, Word Whammer, educational gifts for kids.

About the LeapFrog Word Whammer:

  • Perfect for ages 4+ years
  • Retails for $19.99
  • Available Now!

LeapFrog Word Whammer, gifts for preschoolers, LeapFrog Products, Word Whammer, educational gifts for kids.

Bump Up Letter Skills With LeapFrog Word Whammer!

This learning toy is perfect to gear up for Kindergarten and I can see Jude really learning some great letter skills while being active and having fun.  Teagan has to do everything that Jude does - typical little sister - so while she isn't able to do as much as Jude it is great to see her trying.  

There are 3 action packed games and 5 learning levels that adapt as the children play.  I love that it works on phonics skills as they spin, push and twist the handles to identify letters and build words.  Jude's preschool also uses phonics so I think it is really helping him with school work too! 

It is adorable to see Jude trying to teach Teagan her letters too.  We have had the kids play with the Word Whammer before bedtime when we need to do the dishes, clean the bathroom or pick up the house.  It gives them time to play a game, settle down before bedtime and learn!  Love that!  

How to Play:

Thrust the handle to blast a rocket into letters to spell more than 100 words.  Match upper and lowercase letters by spinning the handle to bump a car into the correct answer.  Listen for a letter sound, then twist the handle fast to spin the teacup into the letter that makes that sound.  The learning adapts automatically as children play, keeping the challenged, motivated and having fun as they progress through 5 levels!  

Sounds like fun right?  I love hearing Jude sounding out letters to figure out which letter to bump the car into!  Creative games that are perfect for so many kids ready to learn and play!

Look at these happy kiddos!  I am so honored to be apart of the LeapFrog Mom Squad!  I know I will have so many more reviews and toy suggestions for you in the future!  

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I know many of you are looking for great educational toys and items to add to your children's holiday wish lists and this is one of them.  Educational, fun, active and full of room to learn and grow!  Add the LeapFrog Word Whammer to the list!  

Who would you buy The LeapFrog Word Whammer for this holiday season?

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  1. We love Leapfrog toys! They make learning fun. My son had tons of them when he was a toddler and knew all his letters and sounds by age 3 thanks to their amazing toys. The Word Whammer sounds like a great gift for the holidays!

  2. My son loved his LeapFrog toys! They were so educational and interactive, and especially helpful to his special needs (he has Down syndrome). Looks like they came out with another awesome toy! Make learning fun, that's what it is all about!

  3. This looks so fun. My 4 yo would love it and it would be a GREAT little learning tool!

  4. Looks like another amazing toy from LeapFrog. I have been a fan and advocate of leapfrog toys and products for over a decade! I love everything they produce!

  5. That looks like such a cool toy! My daughter is just learning to read and games are helping and getting her really excited about it!

  6. Wow have Netflix come a long way since my now teen was using it! I love these great options that are available now. What a cool way to make learning fun.


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