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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A New Solution To Protect Your Lunch And Valuables

Disclosure:  This is a guest post. I was compensated for sharing this information!

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve opened the office fridge, eagerly anticipating the delicious, homemade lunch you brought into work that morning. But alas, you  find that it has mysteriously disappeared. An unscrupulous “office thief” has indeed stolen your lunch!

This is an irritating and common problem amongst office workers. So much so, that the internet yields tons of suggestions on just how to combat those pesky office thieves. Amazon.com even sells special “anti-thief” lunch bags equipped with the appearance of mold!  If you don’t want to go quite that far, a quick Google image search offers hundreds of “keep away”notes which can be posted on lunchboxes or refrigerators.

Unfortunately, “Anti-thief” lunchbags and “keep away” notes are not very effective in combating the office crime. However, there is a new alternative out there that offers so much more!

Introducing Lokables, the first personal storage containers with a customizable combination lock. In addition to the improved security, Lockables are both microwave and dishwasher safe, making them versatile, reliable, fun, and great for keeping your lunch secure!

But Lokables are made for plenty more than simply protecting your lunch from thieves.  

  • Are you having a problem with your roommate, a sister, or teen daughter using your makeup without permission? Keep it in your Lokables “beauty box”.
  • Going camping or boating? Store your phone, money, and personal documents in Lokables.
  • Are you preparing for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas season, and worried about your kids eating too much sugar? Lock the holiday candies in Lokables.

Lokables can be used for storage and activities at a variety of places, such as: schools, daycare centers, offices, trade shows, or hotels. Secure your medications, sharp tools, crafts,  allergens, or any other important or dangerous items. The list goes on and on!

The containers are made from high-impact ABS plastic, which is FDA food safe and BPA-free. Food is kept fresh and secure with its silicone air fresh and leak proof seal.

Lockables come in four cool colors to choose from: Fresh (green), Treat (pink), Care (white) and Tool (black), with your choice of a solid or transparent lid.

Starting on October 6th, you can pre-order these personal safes on Kickstarter for $15 and enjoy your yummy lunch and a peace of mind!

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  1. These sound awesome. I am getting some for my hubby to take to work.

  2. I definitely want that lunch featured in the top photo.. YUM.
    I used to work in an office and people really did this. It seems like such a low life thing to do. I'm glad there are protections out there.

  3. I have seen anything like this before! What a great solution for lunches not to get stolen!

  4. This is awesome! I have had people steal my lunch before when I worked outside the home. Great idea!

  5. My hubby had a thief that used to love to mess with his lunch.
    So frustrating when your hungry and on a 12 hour shift and someone takes your stuff.
    I will have to see if we can pick him up one.

  6. What a great idea. It takes away the concern about leaving your lunch unattended in the office fridge.

  7. this is a fabulous lunch box. I so need to get one for hubby to have.

  8. I wish I had known about Lokables a few years ago. Those Office Thieves are beyond disgusting .. how and why would you steal another person's lunch?

  9. This is such a cool idea! My son is in middle school and none of those boys can leave each other's lunches alone! This would be the perfect solution for him!

  10. That would be perfect for the fridge at my boyfriend's work! Co-workers get hungry and desperate enough to snoop around other peoples' lunches sometimes!

  11. I want to take this with me on trips and plan to ask Santa for one for my stocking

  12. This is such a great idea! I don't know why someone didn't create this sooner.

  13. Oh my gosh, that's so so so perfect. My oldest son and I were just laughing/talking about how awful it is to have grown people steal your lunch from the work refrigerator!

  14. hahaha that would have been perfect for me when I used to work. The snacks would always disappear. My kids just eat lunch at school and I don't prepare it but this would make a great gift.

  15. This looks like a great Kickstarter product. My husband could really use this at work.


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