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Monday, November 23, 2015

Ready To Explore This Winter Season?

Thank you to Sierra Trading Post for sponsoring this post. 

One of the best things about the changing seasons is the changing of adventures.  Now that the signs of winter have shown it's face around Colorado we are really ready to enjoy some family time out in the snowy weather.  This weekend we met up with our favorite family photographer for our yearly holiday pictures and lucky for us we had just had a fresh blanket of snow fall the evening before.  It was beautiful but super cold.  With the beauty of the snow out in the park the kids learned a big lesson while exploring.  

Photo Credit -  Krista Haffner Photo

Lesson Learned - Do not play with the snow when it is freezing cold and you are not dressed for the season.

Jude and Teagan were both tempted through out photo shoot to pick up the snow with their bare hands and sit in the snow banks with no snow pants! Sure it was fun for a while but then the pain of the bitter cold set in. Poor Teagan even learned that sometimes when your hands are "thawing" out it is even worse than when you were holding the snow!

I must say - Krista got the cutest picture of the four of us though. So worth it and once we all thawed out, we decided it was time to start thinking about the kids' winter weather exploring wardrobe!

When I started searching online I came across Sierra Trading Post and I was hooked. I wouldn't be lying if I said that winter clothing is very pricey so finding ways to cut the bill is always important to us, especially when we are buying for growing bodies!

Sierra Trading Post develops long-term partnerships with the best brand names in the business and negotiates super low prices on their very best closeouts, overstock items, and 2nds — then they pass the savings on to you! And as you can see, the savings is clearly marked! These awesome ski pants that will allow Jude to have some crazy fun in the cold snow are close to 50% off! Hello savings!!

Sierra Trading Post Facts:

  • Closeouts are always first quality. When brands make design tweaks to products the previous product is offered at a lower price!
  • Overstock items are always first quality. Overstock simply means that the manufacturer’s inventory is too large and they need to sell these extras.
  • 2nds have minor cosmetic flaws or slight irregularities that don’t affect the fit, performance, or longevity of the item. The labels for these products may be clipped or marked. 

Once we found Jude's ski pants the challenge was now set for Teagan. I knew that I had to find PINK! This girl is all about pink and guess what? Challenge met! I found these amazingly priced bib overalls that will keep her nice and warm and dry while having fun exploring the snow outside this winter.

This winter wardrobe shopping trip was made even better when I saw the great offer that is good from 11/23/2015 - 12/07/2015. 15% off + half off shipping with code ASAVENOW5!! YES!! Clearance items are excluded from the 15% off, but you’ll still save with 50% off shipping!  So not only will Teagan love her new pink bib overalls but I love saving so much money and still finding great quality products for our winter fun! 

Photo Credit - Krista Haffner Photo

We Are All Explores so now it is time to get prepared for your next adventure!  Use the code ASAVENOW5 and get 15% off + half off shipping on your order!

Because we are so excited about these deals and great Sierra Trading Post items we want you get get a chance to shop for new winter exploring gear! 

Giveaway Dates - 11/23/2015 - 12/07/2015! U.S. residents ages 18 and up only! Good Luck and Happy Exploring!


  1. Kodiak Kyra Pac Boots - Waterproof (For Women)


  2. Kodiak Kyra Pac Boots - Waterproof (For Women)

  3. I am all for cute winter clothing. I am loving the Calida Ursina Pants Pajamas - Long Sleeve (For Women)

  4. It looks like they have lots of cute stuff. I will head over now :)

  5. These photos are beautiful! We don't need to worry about warm snow clothes here in Florida but I do remember those days when we lived up north!

  6. Gorgeous family photo! I need to buy some bibs for all three of my kids!

  7. What a great photo shoot and love the giveaway. This could come in handy this time of year.

  8. I love the look of the Sonora Melinda women's boots! I could definitely use a pair! P.S. Your family photos came out beautiful (despite the freezing cold)!

  9. Way to tackle the inclement weather!
    Finding good clothing types for the cold is a challenge - I will share this with my family.
    Thank you!

  10. Those pictures are so cute! And what a great giveaway - perfect for the cold weather!

  11. I love the SmartWool base layers, and in fact I just asked for them for Christmas from my family!
    What a great giveaway!

  12. Beautiful family photo! I need to buy some holiday gifts for my nephews and nieces, thank you for sharing it!

  13. Aww, I love the family photo! I need to do some gearing up for winter too. I'll have to check out Sierra Trading Post.

  14. I am so ready to break out my kids' cute winter clothes! Those all look great. Your pictures are awesome as well!

  15. Good suggestion! We love Sierra Trading Post. We always find such great deals on the site. What is best is I find my hubby ordering stuff for the whole family.

  16. I like the Carhartt Sandstone Jackson Coat - Sherpa Lined (For Men) for my hubby.

  17. The overalls are adorable! I also love the boots

  18. I like the women's Merrell Mimosa Glee Shoes - Lace-Ups!


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