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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Teagan's 3 Year Old Stats and Pictures

Teagan is one spirited little lady and the world of 3 is really rocking our home with this girl!  We had her three year old pictures taken at our local Target and oh my gosh, they came out perfect!  I had a picture in my head and it happened.  

We also had her 3 year old appointment and got her official stats and told that she is very advanced in her language (yes we know) and motor skills (wild woman!).  Her appointment was a bit stressful because she was so worried that they were going to do a strep test on her.  For good reason, she has had two strep tests in the last month.  Poor girl!  Anyway, the doctor was pleased with her skills and development and health besides these viruses and croup she keeps getting.  

3 Year Old Stats:

Weight:  29 pounds 11 ounces - 39% 
Height:   38 inches  -  72%

She is going to be tall like her brother!  

Things I do not want to forget:

  • Teagan wears size 3T but even that is a bit big for her. 
  • Size 7/8 shoes. 
  • Love her blankey bear. 
  • Sleeps in her crib all night.  
  • Daddy's girl. 
  • No desire to potty train!  AHHH!
  • Happy girl who loves to talk. 
  • Eats like a bird. 
  • Favorite food - chocolate milk and muffins. 
  • Rides her tricycle all by herself and loves it. 
  • Loves swinging outside.  
  • Princess EVERYTHING! 
  • Adores her brother and copies him on everything. 
  • Favorite color is pink. 
  • Tiny dancer!
  • Attitude of a 15 year old!  OY!
  • Loves to read books. 
  • Crafts and stickers please!

This picture totally says it all.  Glitter, sassy and class!  This girls is showing us a whole new world of parenting.  Challenging and crazy but we wouldn't change her one bit.  This girl is ready for the world!  Watch out!  

Happy 3 Teagan!!!

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  1. That is my girl! Looking so sassy!!! LOVE YOU TEAGAN!

  2. Teagan isn't Sassy at all is she? Love her!


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