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Friday, December 11, 2015

Date Night at Hard Rock Cafe Denver

Disclosure:  We were provided with complementary food and drinks for our honest review. 

We don't always go out on double date nights but when we do, we enjoy our time with my Colorado blogger BFF - Laura from We Got The Funk!  Okay, she is more than a blogger friend, I have known her over 15 years and I am so happy our husbands are friends now too.  Makes date night even better!  Our most recent double date was to a Denver favorite - Hard Rock Cafe to try some new drinks and burgers!  Oh okay, Hard Rock, twist our arms.  

We have actually been dining at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver for years now, it seems to be our go to venue when we want to go out, kid free, to celebrate birthdays with friends.  The space is fantastic for that and let's be honest, when you have a music obsessed husband like mine, Hard Rock is heaven. 

When we walked in for our date night we were pleasantly surprised a perfect holiday drink menu - seemed like we all had a super rough day at work so these drinks were screaming our names.  Fun names right?  

'Tis the Season to Indulge!  Check out these winter releases.  

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - Fireball, Rum Chata blended with Coco Real, Monin almond, pineapple juice and cinnamon!  

Bohemian Rasp-sody - Fresh raspberries, Monin passion fruit shaken with Smirnoff Vodka, Robert Mondavi Merlot and sweet and sour topped with homemade passion fruit foam!  

She's My Apple Pie - Fireball, apple and pineapple juices with Monin salted caramel shaken together then topped with Angry Orchard Hard Cider - garnished with whipped cream!

Southern Jam - Monkey Shoulder and black cherry Real mixed with fresh blackberries and lemon juice. 

Do you see this?  Our table was so full of amazing food.  We were ready to dig in!  I was so happy with the different fries and dipping sauces we had as our appetizer.  These are no regular fries people - we are talking about savory artisan fries!  My favorite was the Herb and Garlic fries dipped in the chimichurri mayo.  Oh my gosh - I could have eaten those all night long!

Now, the big reason for our visit was to indulge in the new Tommyknocker pairings that have recently debuting at the Denver location. Hello patty melt but just like all of the other burgers at Hard Rock this was not JUST a patty melt. The sourdough toast was perfectly grilled and the beef was on point. This was prepared using Butt Head Bock Lager, topped with caramelized onions, melted Monterey jack cheese and bock steak sauce! Yum! The Bockhouse Burger is a must taste for sure!  Jeremy said this was his favorite of the night.  

Next up - my favorite.  I love cheese which means I love Mac and Cheese, put that on a perfectly prepared burger and I am in heaven.  Meet the Chuck Nasty Burger - Hard Rock loves having local celebrities come in an create a burger of their own.  This Nasty burger is NOT nasty my friends!  Mac and Cheese, Guacamole and bacon - OH MY!!  Denver people - make a date night soon, and add this to your ticket, you need it! 

The other Hard Rock burger we got to taste was the Modelo Especial Bacon Cheeseburger.  So, I am a big baby so I only had  few bites but the general consensus of this burger was DELICIOUS!  This burger is topped with grilled poblano chilies, garlic aioli and applewood smoked bacon and then topped with Modelo Especial pepper cheese sauce!  That cheese sauce was amazing by the way, great for dipping fries too!  

Just because we were indulging on our date night we decided to go for the brownie sundae that is the size of your face!  Be warned, when it says it is for two people - really they mean four!  

While we left our date night out on the town ready for a nap, it was the perfect way to welcome the holiday season with a great menu from Hard Rock. There is literally not a bad meal choice on the menu and I urge you all to look past the "touristy" old school thought about the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoy a great night out with friends. Music buffs you will find yourself in awe of the memorabilia and fantastic live music. Make sure to stop into Hard Rock Cafe in Denver to check out this Tommyknocker pairing, you will not leave hungry!

Tell me what Hard Rock Cafe you have been to recently!  

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  1. I have so many great memories of the Hard Rock Cafe when traveling all over the world. We have one in Chicago that I haven't been to since I was a kid--now I have to try it for a date night. I went to a rehearsal dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel and their food was delish.

  2. WOW. Those fries look SO amazing and now I am officially starving!

  3. I haven't been to the Hard Rock Cafe in YEARS!! If I remember correctly they have the best burgers hands down. Is there a location in Florida? I would love to take the kids!

  4. We had so much fun with you guys!!!

  5. We have a Hard Rock Cafe in Anchorage now, but I have yet to go there. It has been ages since I've gone to one. That dinner looks like it was a lot of fun with plenty of tasty food...a great combination for a double date date night!

  6. I love the Hard Rock Cafe and I think it sounds like the perfect place to go on a double date night. They have such a variety of great foods that everyone can find something delicious on the menu.

  7. I love Hard Rock Cafe, I have been to the one in Seattle and the one in Maui and loved them both! I hope to make it to more of them it's fun to see the differences in different areas, Denver looks like a good one!

  8. All of this food looks awesome and the drink- oh my! I think the apple pie one sounds the best to me. It has been awhile since I was in a town with a Hard Rock Cafe. When I do visit, I always enjoy it.

  9. Oh my... those pictures are making me soooo hungry! I've been to Hard Rock Cafe in several different cities and they always have great food. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. Oh my god! Those drinks! That Chuck Nasty Burger! That dessert! I want them all!!!!! If I am ever in Denver, I know where I am eating, for sure!

  11. everything looks yum! this sure looks like a great place to have a date night which we haven't done in like, forever! i do hope we can squeeze in one before the year ends, especially that we are celebrating our anniversary this week!

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