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Monday, December 21, 2015

Jude's Christmas Program

This time of the year is full of traditions and events and one of those is the yearly Christmas program at school.  Jude is always so excited to perform for his Christmas program and this year was no different.

Here he is all dressed up in his Christmas outfit and ready to sing!  He looks so grown up in this picture, I seriously cannot believe we are already halfway through the school year.  Going so quickly! 

The crew!!  All of them are dressed up so nice!  I love this time of the year.  The church was decorated for Christmas and the program went perfectly.  Jude was not only the tallest of the group but the loudest too!!  HA!!  He led the whole group in every song and also got every action down perfect!!  A star!!

It was so much fun to see Jude and his classmates sing their little hearts out and welcome the Christmas season.  

Did your kids have a Christmas program at school or church this year?

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  1. I miss those days when my kids were young and in holiday programs. We do still have the tapes and we watch them from time to time. Your guy is a cutie and it looks like he enjoyed.

  2. Oh they are adorable and his clothes make him look so grown up. The Christmas concert is a big one for us each year as well.

  3. It seems that the children had a nice program. It is good when hard work is rewarded by good results.

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  5. Your guy is so handsome! I have to say, though, the boy in front with his shirt up showing his belly button kinda steals the show.

  6. Ever since moving to Orlando, we haven't found a church home and it is moments like the one you shared that make me wish we still lived back in the Midwest.


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