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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Teagan's Winter Dance Recital

This fall we enrolled Miss Teagan into a dance class at a local dance company, we honestly didn't know how she would do or how long we would attend class but here we are showing off our Tiny Dancer and her first recital!  

She was so excited to go to her recital but we all took bets on if she would really do the dance once she got on stage.  We were able to get some pretty adorable pictures of her in her red tutu before the performance.  So cute!  

Oh and not to brag but I totally knocked out this ballerina bun in one try!  Sure I had to use a TON of gel, hair spray, bobby pins and a scrunchie from the 80's but that is what made is solid!  ha!  She looks so different with her bangs pulled back.  I have a feeling we will be doing many of these ballerina buns in the coming years.  

Tappers on and ready to go!  She is only 3 so I have a hard time saying that this will be her "thing" because personalities and likes can change so much growing up but honestly, I really do see this being her sport and activity.  I am ready to embrace the Dance Mom title - I promise not the crazy Dance Mom!  

The bets were on - would she dance?  Like I said, she seems to be a natural but I knew that the shock of the stage, people, lights and music might affect her.  Thankfully, about halfway through the performance she started dancing!  She hid behind her little friend at first but then she did it!  

All of the kids did so great!  I wish they had done two songs because I think Teagan would have been good to go on the second song.  This is the informal recital at this company so in the summer we will be sharing the excitement of a formal recital!  That is 6 months away, I am looking forward to seeing how much she improves in that time period.  

She was so happy after the recital and said she was ready for her next one.  Daddy had to get her a flower for a job well done!  Oh Tiny Dancer - you have our hearts!!  

What extracurricular activities do your kiddos enjoy?

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  1. Adorable! I was a dance mom for years and even today I still miss the sound of little feet on the dance floor. There is something so precious with seeing those little ones up there dancing their hearts out!

  2. Aw how adorable. She is the cutest dancer I have ever seen. She really looks to be having fun.

  3. She is just the cutest little dancer! Don't you love a tiny little bun on a tiny dancer? Great job Teagan!

  4. I love all the little dancers in the video - thank you for sharing that with us. How cute your hubby bought her flowers. :-) My kids did a bunch of stuff when they were younger; scouts, soccer, football. cheerleading & basketball.


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