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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top Gifts Promoting Relaxation and Self-Care

Disclosure: THIS BLOG HAS BEEN SPONSORED BY NATURE'S BOUNTY® EARTHLY ELEMENTS™ Products were provided to me free of charge for my review.

Life is stressful for most everyone, so when you are looking for a perfect gift for that person that truly needs some relaxation in their life you should help them achieve that goal.   There comes a time in your life when you have too many gifts that do not get used - today I am sharing how to make sure that the gift you buy is used but also a necessary item for the gift receiver.  

Here are my Top Gifts Promoting Relaxation and Self-Care:


 Let's be real, we all love a nice glass of wine after a long day but how many of us every really buy ourselves "the good stuff".  If you are like me, you are always looking for cheap which isn't always the better.  Splurge for a great bottle of wine for the person you are buying for and maybe even a few beautiful wine glasses.  

Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Diffuser and Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways. The oil from the plants are known to have traditional usages for various aromatherapy needs that incorporate the mind and body. Giving this diffuser and a few essential oils will allow your friend to diffuse the scents into their space to help promote relaxation. In addition to using the diffuser to help the oils circulate in the air they can use the oils for a number of different uses like; Creating a moisturizing massage oil for skin when combined with the Sweet Almond carrier oil, adding directly to a bath to create a spa-like experience, and blending multiple oils together to create new scents to use!  

So many great options.  This diffuser and essential oils can be found at Walmart in the vitamin aisle. They have 10 scents of essential oils to choose from, a scent for everyone!  My favorites to have on hand to help me relax and rejuvenate is the Lavender and the Chamomile.   

Fuzzy Socks

During this time of the year we are all looking for that cozy feeling, especially on a cold winter night.  Add some fuzzy socks to any gift to help promote taking time to feel warm and cozy.  A great add on gift to any of these ideas.  Get creative with the colors and designs.  

DIY Salt Scrub

If you are like me, you love to do some Do It Yourself gifts during the holiday season. Items like Salt and Sugar Scrubs can be easily created in small or large batches which helps when you have multiple gifts to create. Recently, I used the Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ 100% pure and blended aromatherapy essential oils to create a lovely salt scrub.  This Chamomile Calming Salt Scrub turned out perfectly and was super easy for me to create using the chamomile essential oil

Make this gift even more personal by changing the tint of the scrub, making a printable tag, or using an original glass container.  

Back Massager

Most of us have jobs that involve sitting at a desk and using a computer - this leads to overworked backs and necks.  There are so many different back massagers that would promote self-care for those tight spots on the back and neck.  After a long day before bed, your friend could use this to help in preparation for another work day.   This smile face one adds to the gift, a smile and a happy neck and back!


Go beyond the traditional candy covered chocolate and buy some chocolate that your friend will remember for months to come.  This time of the year there are so many options out there for boxed chocolates with beautiful designs and creative flavors.  Pick up a box of chocolate that one would never consider buying for themselves.  Indulging in a bit of chocolate can always be considered Self-Care!  

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath

Some of us love a nice warm bath after a long day.  Another DIY gift to consider would be some bath bombs.  You can use the essential oils from Nature's Bounty to achieve these gifts as well.  If you do not want to go the DIY route, running to the store and finding some great bubble bath will also be appreciated.  When we have bubble bath and bath bombs on hand it promotes us to take time for ourselves and relax.  

To be a great gift giver you could combine all of these suggestions into a great Relaxation and Self-Care gift basket!  So many great options to help that person on your holiday list attain that relaxation they deserve!  

What scent would you use in your gift basket?

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  1. Who wouldn't love getting a basket of these goodies to get relaxed with?

  2. Those bath bombs rock! I love lavender and peppermint scents for relaxation. Chocolates are always a yes for me. Fuzzy socks too.

  3. These are all awesome ideas! I love salt scrubs - such a great gift.

  4. OK I am up for the massager, chocolates and salt scrub! Sounds super relaxing after the day I had!

  5. A nice bottle of wine is always a great gift for a friend. I buy my daughter a new pair of fuzzy socks every year!

  6. These are great ideas! I love giving relaxation gifts for my Mom since she is always in need of some r&r!

  7. I would be very happy to receive any of these! Chocolate and fuzzy socks are pretty much all I need!

  8. Fuzzy socks make my daughter very happy. I like the little wood massager.

  9. Fuzzy socks and chocolates are perfect! Snagging that idea for the kids stockings. And perhaps mine..I haven't enjoyed a bath bomb in years!

  10. I like this list of things to pamper yourself. Fuzzy socks - yes, yes and yes that is such a sweet and wonderful indulgence.

  11. I happen to LOVE fuzzy socks! I live in them in the winter and would love a few pairs of those in my Christmas stocking this year! (TonyaC)

  12. I hope to get a magic sock. Merry Christmas

  13. I would be all about those bath bombs and also I totally giggled at the back massager and having "your friend" help prepare you for a new work day <3


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