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Friday, January 8, 2016

Busy Mom Clean House Tips

It is no secret, when we are busy being moms the house suffers at times.  Our current situation isn't pretty, let me paint the picture.  Our house is a mess, post Christmas craze, decorations and then on top of that, school is back in session and we have all had a terrible virus for over a week.  Literally has us knocked down for the count and I honestly do not remember when we actually CLEANED the house.  Ugh!!  So overwhelming to come home to after a busy day at work too.  I decided I had to get the house put back together and I found a method that really helped me. 

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Busy Mom Clean House Tips

1.  Declutter the house.  This is the best place to start.  I started on one side of the house and put away everything that belongs in that specific space or room.  Anything that does not belong goes into a laundry basket and it is taken to the next room.  I follow through the entire house this way.  This is a really fast way to declutter and get everything back into the correct room of the house. 

2.  Floors.  Once everything is picked up off of the floor clean every floor in the house all at once.  You would be amazed how fast it is to run the vacuum in the house house when it is all picked up.  

3.  Glass time.  No, not wine yet.  Clean all the mirrors and if you have time the windows too.  Run through the house with the glass cleaner and get those glass surfaces all nice and streak free.  I love a nice clean mirror!  

4.  Bathroom run down.  Do this daily so the grim and yuck doesn't build up.  Use a disinfecting wipe on the high traffic areas of the bathroom - sink, toilet, door handle and light switch.  Super easy way to keep the bathroom clean from germs. 

5.  Kitchen Clean Up.  Put those dishes away and get the sink cleaned out.  Wipe down all the counters and clean the sink.  It is truly amazing how clean your kitchen looks with no pile of dishes!  

6.  Take out the trash in all rooms!  Boom!

7.  Make the beds, I never realized how making a bed can make your space seem so much more put together.  This is something I want to focus on more with our kids every morning.  

8.  Kids!! Get them involved in their space.  Declutter and pick up those bed rooms and toy rooms! 

9. Time your self and do not over do it.  Spend 20-30 minutes a day on these tasks.  You will surprise yourself  - you are a superhero mom after all!  

10. Delegate and share those chores.  Make it a family affair and attack these tasks together!  A clean house is a happy house! 

Those are my tips for a cleaner home in the New Year, I hope that you can use them and get your home back together after the winter and holiday craziness like we experienced.  

Is there any tip you would add to this list?

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  1. These are all good ways to get those chores done without feeling totally overwhelmed by everything there is to do. I need to work on delegating more to the kids...instead of falling in to the trap of just doing it all myself.

  2. We did the whole house cleaning thing after Christmas. We decided as a family to get everything clean and in order. So with hubby's help to move furniture and son's help in reaching top shelfs we set out to clean. It took us three days but everything was shined and cleaned so I could go back to cleaning daily.

  3. Glass time made me laugh. I use wine as a bribe to do the cleaning I REALLY don't want to do!

  4. These are great tips! I really need to get this house clean since I've barely touched it since the holidays.

  5. My kids certainly help. It's the decluttering part that kills me every time.

  6. Thanks for the tips: this is a major cleaning weekend for us. We just gog some toy bins for all the dog toys as our tip.

  7. These are good tips! I am working on staying on top of the cleaning this year.

  8. Those are great tips. I am all for #8! With 5 kids they need to help, most of it is their mess anyways!

  9. You are correct- you can get a lot done in just 20 minutes when you have a plan. I like the plan you shared and will try it today.

  10. You are correct- you can get a lot done in just 20 minutes when you have a plan. I like the plan you shared and will try it today.


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