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Friday, February 19, 2016

Polka Dots and Sparkles Please!

Well friends, I am always honest with you so let me tell you the whole story.  I have talked about potty training with Teagan a few times here but have never told you how it has been going.  This girl, she is on her own timeline for everything.  We literally have been potty training her since she was 18 months old, she showed interest and wanted to be just like Jude - well she is 3 1/2 years old now and she is FINALLY there.  We have had 2 weeks of wearing big girl undies and dry pants!  Praise the Lord!!  

To get this little diva motivated I told her that if she was able to be in big girl undies and stop wetting her pants she could go with Aunt Lauren and me to get her nails painted at the spa.  Guess what - it finally worked!!  

This experience was so fun and I will be the first to say we have probably created a monster in this diva!  We went to a great spa close to our house that treated us all so friendly.  They were all so great with Teagan and her bazillion questions - seriously that many!  

She decided on blue for her toes and pink for her fingers.  Half way through the service she also decided she needed sparkles on her finger nails and polka dots on her toe nails!  HA!  Well okay little one.  

She sat down in the chair and she was ready.  She was a little nervous but once she figured out that Lauren and I were going to be right there with her she was okay.  We agreed on a kid's chocolate pedicure and a polish change on her finger nails. 

So cute!!  She thought it was fun putting her toes in the water.  Such a big girl!!

When it was time to scrub those feet she was laughing so hard.  It was adorable.  I was actually afraid she was going to slip into the water because she was laughing so hard.  That smile!!

She thought it was so funny that they put sugar and chocolate on her legs and feet during her service.  This spa specializes in chocolate pedicures and they are amazing!!  A must try!!   Best part of this - after having the sugar scrub she told the lady that she liked that and wanted it again.  The lady did it for her!!  I have never thought to ask for more scrub!!  HA!  Smart girl!!  Also, she conned the lady into giving her a chocolate bar during her service too.  Relaxing, eating chocolate and getting a pedicure - this is trouble!!

Our lady was so great with Teagan. Again, I am not kidding that she asked a ton of questions.  She was always wanting to know what was next and why she was doing it that way.  But the lady was so kind to her.  What a great experience for everyone.  She was in awe when she say her polka dots and sparkles and loved the colors she picked too.  

This was such a special experience for us to have with Miss Teagan.  I know that Lauren and I will have a little visitor with us occasionally on our "Lady Dates" and we cannot wait.  And once again, yes, I know we have created a monster!!  Being a #GirlMom is fun!!!

For those of you wondering - YES she has still be dry and wearing big girl undies!!!!  YAY!!!!  Success is so good - especially with polka dots and sparkles!!  I will never forget this afternoon with Teagan - memories made!

What special experiences do you hold close to your heart that you have had with your kiddos?

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  1. Super cute and also, I want a chocolate pedicure! Where is this?


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