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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Friends

If your friends are tying the knot soon, you’re probably in the market for the perfect gift to celebrate them on this exciting occasion. If they aren’t using a registry (or all the good options have been snatched already) consider giving them a unique present they’ll never have expected. From subscription services to honeymoon surprises, you’ll no doubt leaving the reception with the title of “favorite gift givers”.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Friends

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Spread the Love

If the couple in question have everything they could need and aren’t looking for any material gifts, you can still purchase a heartfelt gift that will celebrate their love in the best way. Instead of buying something material that they won’t use or have to return, donate money to a cause in their name. If they are already involved in specific causes or charities, put your money towards those; if not, use a charity finder like Charitywatch.org and take your pick from thousands of worthy causes. They’ll no doubt appreciate your sweet sentiments and you’ll be spreading the love you’re celebrating on their wedding day—it’s an absolute win for everyone involved.

Meals Fit for Royalty

After the stress leading up to the wedding day, and the delightful fare experienced during their honeymoon, the newlyweds will return home and the last thing they’re going to want to do is head out to the grocery store. Make it easy on them by gifting them with a subscription to a food delivery service like Green Chef. This organic recipe box delivery company sends along organic, fresh ingredients and detailed recipe instructions so that even the least experienced of chefs can create delicious, gourmet meals.

Make it Customized

Want to make sure you don’t give the couple something they already have or—gasp!—something another wedding guest bought? Then consider grabbing them personalized gifts that will help them decorate their new home after the wedding. You can get their family name inscribed on a canvas, print a beautiful message onto a throw pillow for their couch, or stock their kitchen with monogrammed glassware for all of their entertaining needs. Your gift is sure to be one of a kind and something they won’t see coming.

Make the Honeymoon Even Sweeter

If you know the details of where they will be staying on their honeymoon, make sure the trip is as wonderful as possible. Call ahead and arrange a surprise for their stay. Depending on how helpful the hotel is, you could set up a champagne and chocolate strawberry surprise in their suite upon arrival, or even book them a massage treatment in the resort’s spa. If they’re staying in an Airbnb or other form of lodging, consider doing a little googling and finding out what kind of activities or amenities the locale offers. Buy them a gift certificate for a boating trip, include a gift card for a nearby gourmet restaurant, or hire a car to pick them up from the airport. Any of these heartfelt honeymoon ideas won’t be expected but they’ll definitely be appreciated.

A Pick of the Month Club

If the couple loves to entertain, or they’re self-proclaimed foodies, sign them up for a “pick of the month club” that will deliver gourmet, specialty snack items of their choice each month. Maybe they’re cheese wizards, if that’s the case, sign them up for The Cheese of the Month Club. Every month, a knock at the door will signal the delivery of a three half-pound artisan cheeses sourced from around the world. Maybe they’re wine connoisseurs—they’ll no doubt love a membership with Club W that will see them receiving delectable cabs, pinots, and zins each and every month.

For Beer Lovers

If your friends love a good, cold beer, allow them to pour their favorite brews in the comfort of their own home. Buy them a Homebrew Keg Kit from Kegconnection.com that will serve as a makeshift bar in their own home—talk about the entertaining opportunities! Before going all in on this present, make sure both parts of the couple will appreciate the gift idea—no use in getting it for the only one in the pair who likes beer.

If you’re prepping for a friend’s nuptials, skip the registry and get them something they’ll actually love on one of the most important days of their life and wait for the exuberant thanks to roll in.

Great ideas!  What are your go-to gifts when attending a friends wedding?

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  1. These are some wonderful ideas. I love the idea of arranging a surprise for their honeymoon...maybe a massage.

  2. Wow - great ideas! I wish I could have referred to this when I got married. We really didn't need anything and didn't want to register but relented because friends threatened to go to Bass Pro Shop to buy me something!

  3. THESE ARE some really great ideas. We got a wine of the month club as a gift and loved it.

  4. I love the monthly subscription gift idea! Something to enjoy the whole newlywed year!

  5. You had me at beer of the month! I think that might make a super neat anniversary gift for our 15th wedding anniversary! I am really enjoying monthly subscription gift ideas and I know he will love it too!

  6. I love the personalized gifts. Those were some of my favorites to receive and I am pretty good at personalizing items.

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