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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Streak Free Home - Even With Kids

I wish I could say I have a home that is perfectly clean every day but that isn't even close to the truth.  Yes, we have a clean home but it is pretty obvious that we have kids when you walk into our house.  There are finger prints, food crumbs, toys, and random stuff all over the house thanks to our little ones but thankfully I have found a way keep up with the little munchkins and their messes!

Windex® is my parenting cleaning tool. It is not just for glass either. Windex® is perfect for so many of the surfaces throughout our home including windows, mirrors, sealed granite, glass shower doors, chrome bathroom fixtures, tile, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and so much more. While I certainly use Windex® all over the house I use it almost daily in our bathroom.

Parenting is all about teaching your child how to be a grown up at some point in their life.  That means we have to give our kids independence with the chores and life skills we teach them.  That is great, especially when they can start to dress themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, and even help with daily chores around the house BUT it also means they sometimes leave more of a mess for you to clean up after completing a task.

Enter our world of Jude brushing his teeth.  He is good at it, like really follows those rules of getting every tooth nice and clean and most importantly rinsing his mouth.  He loves brushing his teeth, he feels proud when he is done and it really is nice that he can do it on his own now.  But like I said - THE MESS that follows can also be really frustrating.  

He brushes those teeth....

He rinses his mouth...

And our mirror looks like this!  Oh the streaks!!  And these aren't just water streaks, no people these are toothpaste, water and spit streaks!  Oh lovely! Thanks child.  Kids are so gross. Great job on those shiny teeth but could you please not spit on our mirror?  

That is where our favorite glass cleaner comes into play.  Simply spray the glass cleaner on the mirror of streaks and clean off with dry paper towel.  Literally takes me a minute to do every day and it helps our bathroom look guest ready even if the kids have been in and out of it all day.   

Goodbye toothpaste, spit, and water streaks!!  We will see you tomorrow but watch out - our Windex® is coming for ya!

Once the mirror is all cleaned and streak free, I set the stage for the next teeth brushing session and wait patiently with my favorite Windex® Original Glass Cleaner.   Thank you parenthood for never letting us be bored or without a story about Jude or Teagan.  

Find Windex® Original Glass Cleaner, America’s #1 glass cleaner*, is easily found in the Home Cleaning section at Walmart.  A must have for every home but especially those with little messes.  

Where do you use Windex® Original Glass Cleaner in your home?

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  1. I gave up on streak free long ago, LOL. It doesn't even bother me anymore unless I am going to have guests. Dirt/dust around the baseboards though...that irks me. I guess we all have our hot spots.

  2. I can't imagine NOT using Windex. It's superior. We use ours on mirrors and windows, and I even use it on my phone! I have a screen protector that gets smudges, and Windex to the rescue.

  3. Windex is my favorite brand for removing tough streaks and messes all over my windows, screen porch door and mirrors!

  4. Even though we don't have children in our home, we still have random stuff, finger prints and food crumbs. LoL AND we have Windex in our bathroom for the exact same reason! I have been known to use Windex on those finger prints too.

  5. Keeping a home clean is a lot of work and making sure that you have the right tools is so important and can make the job easier and quicker. I love windex and have used it for years.

  6. Windex is my favorite go to cleaner in my home also. My kids are grown but I have a husband that does the same thing to the bathroom mirror as your little one, LOL. I have bottles of it throughout the house.

  7. I just bought 8 bottles of this the other day - it was on sale. I have to have it with kids. Little fingers love to make messes and Windex does the job.

  8. We use so much Windex that mu husband buys it in bulk. He is a contractor and gets the extra strength stuff at his supply outlet. I have to take my spray bottle and refill it from this gallon thing but it's great that I always have a refill!


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