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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All You Need Is Summer FREE Printable

We are enjoying the last week of school, so hard to believe that the kids will be on summer breaks as of Friday!!  Crazy how fast this school year went and honestly, I am having a hard time even getting into the summer mood because it is cold and rainy here in Colorado still.  Silly weather!!  I decided to create a little printable to really get our household ready for sunshine, flip flops, pool days and ice cream.  

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All You Need Is Summer!

Download your free printable here. 

Are you and your kids counting down the days until summer break?

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  1. Yep we are. We have 12 days till summer break adn I can't wait. Looking forward to spending time with my son without having to worry about school work or band practice.

  2. Super cute printable! My oldest child is only in preschool, so he actually finishes up next week. Bring on summer!

  3. We will probably do a little school work this summer but we are very ready!!
    Cute printable!

  4. Wow in Canada we still have a month left of school. Guess you guys start earlier than us. Love the printable.

  5. Very cute! The kids are definitely looking forward to the summer.
    I am sure that they will love the printable, too.

  6. We are definitely counting down at our house. It will be here before we know it!


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