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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Self Care Tips That We All Need To Remember

Today I am stepping out of my normal posts to talk about life lately. The last month has been quite an emotional ride. Between dealing with some major changes at work, spring break vacation, sick kids, extended family "happenings", end of the school year craze and stress - I am sick and worn down. Last week I was diagnosed with the worst case of strep throat I have ever experienced with a possibility of Mono. Yuck!

As I laid in bed for 3 days my head was spinning. My heart was hurting. My aura was angry. My body was worn down and waving the white flag. Then it hit me. Self Care - how come we always forgot that super important aspect in life especially when we need it most?

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Self Care Tips That We All Need To Remember

Humans need love, we ache for love.  Time to reflect on the love in your life.  Who loves you?  Who do you love?  Focusing on my husband and kids will help me center that love.  

Be kind to yourself
Everyone has bad days, we all find ourselves in bad moods but that doesn't give us the opportunity to be mean to ourselves.  I am a person that struggles with body image - this is a tip that I need to take to heart.  Finding one compliment daily to give myself will be a huge positive step. 

We have always been told we can do anything we want - guess what?  It is true.  Write your dreams, commit to those dreams, make them more than a dream! 

Listen to that little voice
Those voices often know more than we think.  We all have the gift of instinctive behavior.  Listen to it - act on it. 

Say what you mean
We often feel like we cannot say what we really mean.  That is not healthy and often results in communication break down.  Say what you mean, ask others if they understand, compose yourself and do not be afraid of those authentic moments. 

Do not speak bad about yourself
This ties into the tip about being kind to yourself.  Sometimes we speak bad about how we are doing to others.  Never do this.  We need to keep ourselves on a safe pedestal.  Ask for help from trusted family members, friends and coworkers when you feel like you cannot achieve something rather than speaking bad about yourself. 

If if feels wrong, don't do it
Even if everyone is doing it, you don't have too - remember when your mom would say that?  Even as adults we have to remember this.   Listen to what your body is saying and feel what your heart feels. 

No time for drama and negativity 
Such an easy way to slip.  Step away from drama and negativity.  That might be a specific person, event, social media outlet, or space.  Either way, when you begin to notice the drama and negative filled spaces you can remove yourself and result in a happy body and mind. 

Say YES!
Have fun, try new adventures, step out of your comfort zone or do something you love doing.  YES YES YES!!  Challenge yourself but be cautious of your time and engagement. 

Say NO!!
So maybe you said YES one too many times.  It is okay to say no.  Stress usually comes because of a build up of YES moments.  Listen to those little voices and decide if it is a NO or a YES moment.  

You Time
Center yourself.  Find your hobby or your love and take time away from everything else.  We all need mental health days - fill those days with things that make your mind, body and heart happy!  This YOU time is sacred.  Never apologize for it or feel that me time guilt.  You deserve it.  We all do.

Find your happiness
Why should you live life unhappy?  Where is your happiness?  Use these tips to find your potential in life and live it. 

she made a promise to herself to keep her own well being sacred, Self Care Tips That We All Need To Remember, Self Care Tips, Self care ideas, Well being tips

I am not an expert at any of these tips and have a lot of work to do on my own self and self care but writing these out and thinking about each one has really brought me some peace and understanding of what my world has been lately.  My happiness, my dreams, my work, my family, ME - truly depends on how I react to the elements of life.  Time to jump in and remember these tips and continue a year of health with my family.  

What Self Care Tips or actions do you recommend for others?

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  1. I'm all about going with my gut. If it feels wrong, it is wrong - for me at least!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. I know exactly what you are talking about. I just had a conversation with a relative a few days ago about how much work goes into blogging, he was shocked. You can easily wear yourself down, especially when God has blessed you with sponsored post....all at one time! It's so important to take time for yourself and just rest!

  3. I truly get this. My husband never understood how much work i did for blogging until he was home from work one day and saw for himself. Between phots, writing, social media and keeping the house clean he was exhausted from watching. Please take care of yourself.

  4. These are some great tips. People do have to take care of themselves. Blogging is not easy!! Lots of hours and learning something new all the time. It does wear you down.

  5. Great tips! I need to remember to take care of myself more. Being a mom, wife, and blogger get exhausting and I forget about me.

  6. I love all of these tips. I think he one that is so important to me is to listen to that little voice inside. It is usually right. At times my brain thinks it knows better, but it is usually wrong!

  7. I can totally relate to all of this and self care is on my mind a lot lately. I struggle with the negative self talk and not finding me time. I hope you are feeling much better! <3


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