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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teagan's Summer Dance Recital

Teagan has been in dance for almost a year now.  She adores it and honestly, she is pretty dang good at it.  I can totally see her being a dancer as she gets older.  This year has been full of new experiences for us all when it comes to dance - hello I am a dance mom!!  It is a lot of fun though. 

Last weekend, we finally got to see all of her and her friend's hard work in the summer recital.  This recital was the real deal - fancy costumes, make-up, ballerina buns, bouquets of flowers, professional pictures and back stage passes!  While it was a crazy morning, it was so great to see her perform with a smile and determination!  

Here is her first dance of the recital:

Adorable!  I think the best part is seeing her sing the whole song while dancing.  Such a performer!  

She loves dancing but I think her favorite part about her recital is the fancy tutu and make-up!!  Such a girly girl at times.  

Her second dance was a lot more technical and she did it!  She knew every step.  We made sure practiced a lot!  

Teagan's Magic Tutu Dance:

After her recital we presented her with her rose and her teacher gave her a carnation plus she even got a ribbon commemorating the date of the recital!  I am really happy we have her in such a great dance company.  They know how to get these little ones ready for dance!  

So proud of you Teagan!!  You did a beautiful job and we cannot wait to see your talents grow in the coming years!!  We love you tiny dancer!!

Have you joined the ranks of Dance Mom at some point of your parenting?

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  1. Your daughter is just such a beauty.I love it when in a child loves to dance. Have you seen the "So You Think You Can Dance-Next Generation" auditions? The talent of the kids is amazing! Go Teagan and go you for fostering a love of the art of dance!

  2. This is too cute! I love the arts and dance is one of my favorite. It's great that she has found something that is is passionate about so young. She will have time to perfect her gift and take it to any level she aspires to go. It also go you captured her moments what a great way for her to look back and see her journey and growth.

  3. Aww, you must be so proud. My sister just had her last dance recital--she has been dancing for about 15 years and it was so bittersweet for her. Dance has taught her so much and really helped her to become more confident and focus--best wishes to your little lady!

  4. Aww, what a sweetheart! Those are such cute pictures!!! My daughter LOVES to dance but we are only putting her in classes at the local community center right now. When she gets a bit older we're going to go all out ;-)

  5. Your daughter is adorable! What little girl doesn't love to dress up in a tutu and get all dolled up? Pretty sure that is every little girls dream. :) Dance brings out so much confidence -- our little lady is in dance, too!

  6. Your daughter is just too adorable. My son loves to dance as well. A different kind of dancing, but nonetheless, dance. he gets shy though. Your daughter is so cute and they all did a great job! =D


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