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Friday, June 24, 2016

Tomorrow...Jude is 6!!

Well not today exactly but tomorrow, June 25th, we will have a SIX year old in our house!!!!!   We have a busy weekend full of birthday fun for this special guy.  Grandma and Grandpa from Arizona are in town and tomorrow we are having a Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.  So much fun! 

We are so blessed with Jude.  He is such a smart boy with a soft and caring heart.  We are so proud of him and the kind boy he is.  We often call him our gentle giant because while he is pretty tall for his age he has such a gentle spirit. 

Six years ago this little boy changed our lives completely but it was the best day!!  I honestly cannot imagine a day with out being called mommy.  I will never forget the moments after having Jude.  He was such a great cuddler - still is!  

Jude and mommy all snuggled up.  I miss those baby cuddles; like they say, it goes so fast!  Before we knew it, this little baby is a big boy all ready for Kindergarten!  Not possible!!!!

Happy Birthday Turtle!!  We love you so much and have fun with you every day!  

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  1. Happy Birthday little buddy! 6 years old is very exciting, my youngest just turned 6. Its honestly like a whole new world. They just start growing up. They lose that baby face and start to be more independent! Ah, enjoy the moments!

  2. Aw! Happy birthday to him! My son just turned 5 and he is also pretty tall for his age haha. I feel like time has flown by so fast. I hope it slows down so you can enjoy him growing up! So handsome!

  3. Time absolutely flies by so fat. Kids grow too quickly. Your handsome young man looks absolutely dapper. Happy 6th birthday to him. xx

  4. Hope your little guy had a great birthday! 6 is such a fun age -- and just like every other age, it is gone before you know it. Seems like once they hit Kindergarten the days go by even faster!

  5. What cute photographs! They grow so fast! :)


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