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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Best Smart Appliances To Consider

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nationwide provided me with information regarding its In The Nation blog post. We are all looking for the SMART way in every situation - and if you are like us this includes the appliances and products we use to run our household. Nationwide has provided us with an amazing list that has really got Jeremy and I thinking about how to stop focusing on the "remodeling" aspects of our honey-do list but to really focus on the appliances we need to update in our home.

The Best Smart Appliances To Consider

Imagine your home filled with devices that tell you when they need to be fixed, update their own warranties, and even order their own replacement parts. Check out some of the most promising smart home appliances. That sounds like a wish that could never come true for this busy full time working mother of two but after reading more about all of these great appliances I am sold and totally adding these all to our wish list and honey-do list for 2016!  

Ready to see what we have added to our honey-do wish list?

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Smart Smoke Alarms

This is a safety essential for every home but I am sure we can all relate to the Friends episode that Phoebe attempts to throw out a chirping smoke alarm that continues to wake her up.  So frustrating, and I swear it NEVER happens during the day.  Those chirps wait until everyone had drifted off to dreamland.  
There is a solution, this upgrade will cost you no more than $100 but it will result in having complete control over those chirps.  Using your smart phone you will get a nice notification saying letting you know that it is time to change your battery in the smoke alarm. I love this idea because it would keep me from jumping out of bed running to see what the chirp is going on!!  Oh and not to mention, the kids will not be woken up either!  Parenthood WIN!!! 

Smart Thermostats 

We have the thermostat talk a lot in the wintertime here in Colorado. Those bills come every month and some of them HURT. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Energy advises that careful regulation of your thermostat – turning it down when you’re asleep and away, for example – can cut about 15% from your utility bill. 
The game of regulating the thermostat can get exhausting. This is probably one of the top items I have added to our honey-do wish list.  Our home is older, and the thermostat needs updated badly.   Time to stop playing the game and update with a Smart Thermostat.  This will cost at least $200.00 but you will recoup that cost quickly.  Check out this awesome option that Nationwide has found for us - the Nest, which senses when you’re home and when you’re not, and sets the temperature accordingly. After you’ve adjusted the temperature a few times, it “learns” what you like and mimics your preferences.  Yup, it is that smart and that easy on you!
Smart Systems

Take those Smart Smoke Alarms and Smart Thermostats a step further and creates a Smart System. Smart smoke alarms and thermostats are key components of a larger smart-appliance network that also includes lights, security and locks—the Wink system communicates with hardware from 27 different brands and lets you program them from your phone or a wall-mounted control center.  
I love this idea because it would keep all of our Smart Systems at fingers touch on our smartphones.  This would give us some extra security to our home as well.  The program that Nationwide has found includes lights, security and locks.  This system would be great for families that are away from their home a lot and then come home in the evenings past dark.  I would love to have a system that gives me the opportunity to turn on our lights before we enter the dark house after a long day.  

Smart Room Cleaners

Yes!!! The first time I was introduced to a Smart Room Cleaner was at my in laws house. They have a Roomba and love it.  Every time that we visit the kids LOVE seeing the "robot" clean grandmas house.  This would be an item that we would need to really budget for due to the higher price tags but the benefit is very clear.  Simply program the Roomba to clean certain rooms on certain days and walk into a clean floor.  A busy family's dream smart appliance!  

Smart Washing Machines

Our washing machine is so old - like SO old. This means it is dumb not smart! We are totally ready for a smart upgrade.  Check out the specs on these Smart Washers.

Whirlpool’s Smart Front Load Washer and the LG “Smart ThinQ” Washer both have smart phone integration that can alert you to updates, repairs, warranty issues and other inefficiencies. Whirlpool’s “6th Sense Live” technology also determines the washer’s energy usage. The LG, with various smart systems like “Smart Diagnosis,” lets you monitor your load remotely, set the washer to run when utility rates are lowest and troubleshoot problems.
Seriously amazing.  A great way to monitor your weekly chore that often runs into more than one day for larger families.  

Smart Ovens and Grills 

Who wants dinner time to be easier, safer and more efficient? Everyone should have said - ME PLEASE!!!! Smart technology is making cooking simpler, more efficient and safer. Some ranges are jumping into the technology world by coming with a tablet for ease of looking at recipe and cooking tutorials. Oh and this one I know my husband will love it - the Lynx Smart Grill can actually learn your cooking preferences and call your smart phone when it’s time to flip the burgers.  Is this too smart???  

I feel like 2016 is going to be a SMART year for us in our home upgrades. Homes, whether you own or rent are your space filled with your livelihood, which means it is full of value. With the addition of these great Smart Appliances it is important to remember to keep those new items safe along with the rest of your materials. Nationwide reminds us how important it is to be Smart in every area and that includes Homeowners insurance and renters insurance to keep your home and everything in it covered.  Add this list of The Best Smart Appliances to Consider to your 2016 plans - get smart!

Which one of these Smart Appliances are you adding to your honey-do wish list?   

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  1. We recently upgraded our thermostat - what a difference that makes!! I'd love to have a Roomba or a smart room cleaner though - I think that would make a huge difference around our house because vacuuming is always the last thing to get done!

  2. This is so funny that you posted this today! My husband and I were JUST debating which system to get. We were looking at the Nest at Home Depot but wanted to look and see what other options there were. We are still on a non-digital thermostat in 2016 and I think its costing us way more. Thanks for all the info!

  3. I would love the smart room cleaner! I have dogs and it would make my life so much easier if I didn't have to sweep up their dog hair all the time. I also love the idea of a smart smoke detector. I will agree the "Chirping" on starts when you getting ready to go to bed at night.

  4. This is an amazing list of smart appliances. We recently just bought a new washing machine and we bought the one from Whirlpool. It amazes me how technology has gotten so innovative. Now, we can operate appliances with our phone.

  5. I love the idea of being able to use technology to make my home run more efficiently. Having a robot clean my home is something straight from the Jetson's, but I would love to have it!

  6. There are so many options available out there for updating the home! We have a new smart washer and dryer and they are amazing!

  7. Honestly, if I could afford it, I would have smart EVERYTHING! Our next upgrade will be smart thermostats and smoke detectors though.

  8. My mom has a Roomba!! The first time I saw it I couldn't believe it. We were just sitting there on the couch and all of the sudden this thing came zooming kind of startled me lol!

  9. I have a smart thermostat and seriously I'm spoiled! I leave the house all the time and forget to set the thermostat (seriously, the weather here is very unstable). So if it's really hot, I can just pop the app on my phone, get the AC started and my house feels phenomenal when I walk through the door!


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