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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top 5 Red, White & Blue Desserts

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Hard to believe that 4th of July is just weeks away.  I love this holiday because it is always filled with family, friends, fun food and fireworks!  This year I want to get creative with our desserts and I have found some great recipes for my inspiration.  

Top 5 Red, White & Blue Desserts

Ready for fireworks? I’m not talking Roman candles, either—I’m talking the oohs and ahhs that will commence when you set down a tray of brightly colored goodies in front of your July 4th guests. And honestly, who can blame them? Desserts too often hide in shades of brown and white (not that I’m knockin’ chocolate, mind you…). But just in time for Independence Day, treats take a turn toward the bright and beautiful—a trend spurred on by the abundance of ripe red and blue berries. So in honor of our nation’s birthday, here are a few of my favorite patriotic treats, including berry-topped mini cheesecakes, a stunning ice cream cake and that grand ol’ showstopper, an American flag cake.
Prepare to pledge your allegiance.

Still have your star-shape Christmas cookie cutters hanging out in a drawer? Time to pull ‘em out. These super-cute pops are more method than recipe: Just stamp star shapes from a batch of RICE KRISPIES TREATS, skewer ‘em with a pop stick and go to town with the sprinkles and decorating gels.
American Flag No-Bake-Mini-Cheesecakes
JELL-O No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes: Guests will have no clue these tiny treats require just four ingredients: margarine, sugar, milk and a no-bake cheesecake dessert kit. (Bonus: No-bake equals no hot kitchen…and that never sounds more appealing than in July.) Dress up these adorable minis with star-spangled cupcake liners and ripe berries to end your Independence Day feast with a bang.
American flag Ice Cream Layer Cake
Red, White & Blue Ice Cream Cake: Three words spell out the secret to this low-maintenance ice cream cake’s gorgeously even layers: ice cream sandwiches. The two tinted layers (a combo of cream cheese, whipped topping and pudding mix) don’t take much time to create, either—the entire cake preps in just 15 minutes. Embarrassingly easy and stunning? That’s my kind of dessert!
American Flag Cake
Flag Cake: It’s a July 4th classic! And this four-ingredient no-bake beauty is probably the easiest version you’ll find, courtesy of frozen prepared pound cake. Just thaw the cake and snug slices into a 13×9-inch pan, then scatter blueberries and sliced strawberries over the top. A quick application of whipped topping forms a pearly white background; arrange a final layer of fruit for the iconic stars and stripes.
American Flag Pie
JELL-O Easy Patriotic Pie: Sure, you could crown gelatin with a dollop of whipped topping…but isn’t it prettier when sandwiched in the middle? This easy pie practically makes itself, too. Just a little mixing, chilling and spreading, and 20 minutes later, you’re sliding the finished pie into the fridge. Serve with berries for additional blue and red oomph.
Need more inspiration for your July 4th dessert? You’ve got it!
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  1. I will do the jello on and the cheesecake one to try out. I promised the kids we would do something fun and unique because I am not the crafty kind so they won't let me forget lol.

  2. I love the star rice krispy treats! They looks so fun and easy to make

  3. All of these desserts look so good! The fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday to celebrate. Family, friends, barbecue and fireworks are all a recipe for fun! And who can resist red, white and blue food?

  4. Red, White and Blue desserts are always fun! We have a few that we always make around the 4th and they usually involve fresh fruit!

  5. I have to say that although they all look beautiful and delicious, the rice krispie stars are my favourite. Maybe it's because they are so easy to eat..but most likely because they are so easy to make!

  6. These not only look great but sound like they will taste amazing as well. I think I may actually try my hand at a few of these...especially the no bake flag cake. It looks amazing and of course the 'no bake' part will save me from any mishaps...LOL Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Oh my, indeed you just reminded me how July 4 is slowly drawing near! And for sure, these snacks are so awesome and fitting for such an occasion. Great idea!

  8. What a perfect post for the holiday! My fav has to be that pie though! It looks almost too pretty to eat!

  9. I love that red, white and blue ice cream cake. Looks almost too cool to eat with all those layers. That flag cake is also pretty awesome. That's something I think wouldn't take too much time to make. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


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