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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ways To Becoming A Better Mom

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Motherhood is a gift, a blessing that most mothers embrace and completely embody.  But the reality is that Motherhood is also one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  To be fair - parenthood is one of the hardest jobs on the planet; let's not forget those fathers.  So the question is "How do I become a better Mom?"

Ways To Becoming A Better Mom

Ways To Becoming A Better Mom, parenting tips for moms, tips to being a better mom,

Take time for you.
This could mean a lot of things for different personalities and hobbies.  For me this includes some "me time" at the nail salon every few weeks or a BFF date.  But one other thing that I have had to keep on this "me time" list is finding time to enjoy a nice lunch every day.  

Even though I am at work for lunch every day, I have to really remind myself to pack a wholesome meal.  So why is this an important item on our better mom list?  We have all heard of hangry, well moms who are well fed are happy moms!  HA! 

Work mornings are a struggle so I had to find an easy way to combat those days that I didn't have time to make a lunch.  Those days are over thanks to LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE. Lean Cuisine has four new limited time varieties that are a must try.  The whole line of LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE meals are full of flavor, have organic ingredient options, have protein packed options and contain no GMOs! And lets not forget, a super easy way to get some amazing meals.  Us moms deserve these delicious options too!  


Let your kids be kids. 

A lot of the time society thinks kids are just mini versions of us but they really aren't.  They are individuals learning how to navigate through this world.  Every moment is a learning moment so let them learn.  Enjoy the crazy messy times - they are learning.  Childhood is so special but goes so fast.  Let them be kids!   I often have to remind myself to choose my battles.  This is why.  Kids are going to challenge the world during these teachable moments.  

Stop comparing yourself and your kids to others. 

You and your kids are not perfect and either are the neighbors and their kids.  Our world is full of judgement right now, especially of parents.  Your kids need you.  You are the mom and they love you (even if they say they hate you).  You are a qualified parent so do your job in your home with your children.  You are not here to make everyone else happy.  

Mom - you are doing great, even on the hard parenting days.  Keep it up!


This could be wrapped up into the "Me time" tip but I thought it was important to single it out.  Celebrate your relationships.  Take time to celebrate with your significant other by going on dates.  Take time to celebrate your child's accomplishments by having an ice cream treat.  Take time to celebrate life moments by having some family time.  Simply put - celebrate moments in life.  Find happiness and joy in the midst of all of the chaos.  

Trust your gut.

Trying to get it all right can be exhausting when it comes to parenting. But you must remember that you know your child better than anyone else. Ask for help but also remember that you are the parent. Having this confidence in yourself removes the stress that might be adding up in your life.

As you start to practice these simple ways to becoming a better mom make sure you stop by Walmart and pick up a few of the limited edition Lean Cuisine meals to get into the habit of taking time to enjoy a nice lunch every day. The limited edition options are: LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Cheese & Fire-Roasted Chile Tamale, LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Thai – Style Ginger Beef, LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Chicken Tikka Masala, and LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Southwest – Style Potato Bake.  I wish I could tell you which one is my favorite but I can't - they are all so good!  

What tips would you add to this list?  How do you make sure you are the best mom you can be for your children?

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  1. Love this! I just read an article on the topic of let kids be kids so what you said was right on point. Life is too short not to enjoy the messy times, the wild times, and the fun times. So true!

  2. Taking time for me is something that I had to learn because I put my all into my kids. After my hubs died I realized that I put so much time into them that I forgot about me and I regret that I forgot about my marriage. Great tips!

  3. My children are grown so I've got lots of me time now. Being a Mom is probably the best job on the planet. My parenting tip is to pray, not just for your children but for the wisdom to always strive to be a better parent. That's what my parenting prayer is.
    Lean Cuisine is one of my all time favorite lunches!

  4. My kids are older teens and I am about to be a grandma. After looking back on my years of parenting, I would say enjoy every moment. It goes way too fast.
    Love lean cuisine, delicious with wonderful nutrition.

  5. You sound like me, I always pack my kids a great lunch for school. But, I totally forget about myself. I'm running out the door and I usually have nothing in my bag to eat. I usually end up not eating anything all day and just consuming massive amounts of coffee. This sounds like a great solution for me

  6. Great tips! I’m sure that a lot of mommies out there would be delighted to read this article. Sometimes, I get so strict with my kids that I forget that they are kids. Celebrate is also a good tip.

  7. While most of being a good mom is dependent on what we do for our KIDS, I think it is SO important to do things for OURSELVES!! I am a very independent mother who needs ME time and so I make it a point to get to the gym a few times a week, to hang out with the girls, etc.

  8. Aww, reading through these tips already make me see how much of a great mom you are! I'm not a mom yet but for sure, these are things that I will keep in mind <3 Thank you!

  9. Awww...You have a beautiful family.
    Your tips are spot on. Far too many moms don't take time for themselves and many will compare themselves to other moms, too. I feel our children are happiest when they see their moms happy.

  10. These are all really great tips! Being a parent is tough, but it's important to be able to accept your limitations and ask for help when you need it, especially if you need some "me time" which is really important. I haven't tried those Lean Cuisine meals before but they look great for when you're on the go!

  11. I am a new mom and just want to say thanks!! I end judging and questioning and want to give myself more love so I can share it my baby.


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