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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jude's 6 Year Old Stats and Pictures

This is Jude....

I love sharing our yearly stats and pictures of both Jude and Teagan on the blog.  It brings us back to the whole reason we started Building Our Story in 2009, growing a family and building our story.  Here we are 7 years later writing an update about our 6 year old little guy!  Amazing how time passes so quickly.  Today I am sharing the usual stats, professional pictures and things I do not want to forget about this time period in Jude's life  

Once again we had his pictures taken at our local Target portrait center, he did so well that it literally only took 15 minutes!  All of his photos totally show is growing personality!  I especially love this one with his adorable smile. He is one handsome guy.  

Jude's 6 year old stats:

Height -  50 inches (99%)
Weight - 65 pounds (98%)

Well it is no surprise that Jude is above average on his height and weight but just as we expected, he is one healthy growing boy.  His doctor and I did talk about his growing anxiety and worrying - the best part about this conversation was that she was not reactive in our discussion.  We will continue to allow him his "worry time" and work on small coping skills as he continues to learn about his anxiety.  

Things I do not want to forget:

  • Wears size 8-10 boys clothes
  • Wears a size 2 shoe
  • Has his yellow belt in Taekwondo (Tigers)
  • Still has to cuddle with his Pooh Bear and burp cloth blanket for bed
  • Adores Teagan
  • Loves playing with his neighbor buddies
  • Lego master!
  • Space, Mummies, and science 
  • Imagination that never stops
  • Caring and gentle 
  • Can read level 1 & 2 books
  • Swimming level 2 
  • Creative
  • Ready for all day kindergarten
  • So smart
  • Loves knock knock jokes

This guy he has always brought a special light into our family and we couldn't be more proud of the handsome young man he is becoming.  We are super excited to see how he going to do this coming school year and know he will continue to surprise us daily. 

Happy 6 buddy!!!

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  1. I love that you document Jude's yearly updates on your blog! I wish I had thought to do that for my son. What a great way to preserve his growth and memories for each year. Jude sure is a cutie!

  2. Your little guy is so cute! Our children grow up too fast and I love that you document every little milestone in your kids' lives. I wish I had thought about this when my kids were little. Oh well, never too late. I will follow your lead and document my grandchildren's little achievements. My seven month old grandson is 28 inches long and weighs 20 pounds!

  3. When I first became a mom, I never realized how quickly the time would pass! My oldest is now five years old and I feel like she was born yesterday. It sounds cliche, but it's totally true! It's important to take plenty of pictures of the kids often to keep these memories of their youth alive!

  4. Six is such a fun age. It feels like a lifetime ago that our daughters were that young. I do remember having a lot of good times at that age. Life is busy, but good.

  5. Oh my gosh, he is so precious! I love that you do these stats, I think it's such a nice way to remember the little things about your little one so you can look back on it. His pictures turned out so lovely! And he's involved in a ton of activities that will definitely keep him busy! I need to get my son into swimming lessons, soon!

  6. I've actually been keeping up with my children's progress and growth but I've been sending them emails! I've set up an account for them...and will give them the address on their 18th bdays so they can read their 'diary!'

  7. Happy birthday, Jude! I remember when my daughter turned 6. I was so sad that she wasn't my baby anymore. Enjoy this coming year because it will go fast!

  8. Jude is so handsome! Time flies by so quickly, and although we think we'll remember everything from their childhood -- we just can't. This is such a great way to document everything so it won't be forgotten.

  9. It's so exciting to see how a boy grows year by year. Capturing his likes and dislikes, things he's happy about, and activities that are fun to him is important to a mom indeed. Those pictures are really worth saving.

  10. I love that you document this! As a mom it is always hard to rememeber everything we want to as our kids get older and this way you always have it :)

  11. I love this and wish that I would have done something similar with my blog. He is one big boy but his smile is glowing and contagious.


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