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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another New Belt For Jude

Seems like we just updated on a belt test in Taekwondo but here we are again. Last weekend Jude had his mid rank testing for the Yellow Belt (Tigers).  Now that he is in the leadership program his forms need to be more defined and they have more steps to them but that does not bother Jude.  He knows these forms by heart. Most of the time when he misses something it is because he is looking at his classmates rather than staying focused. 

At testing there are a lot more people and classmates around so it can be a difficult time for Jude to really stay focused on him and his instructor but as he does this more and more I can see him improving on this important days.  

He showed his hard work, dedication and discipline and he was rewarded with the 2nd Yellow belt - a cheetah print belt.  Pretty cool looking too!  Hard to believe that he has been involved with Taekwondo for over a year now.  I really do think it is a great activity/sport for him and I hope that he continues to excel in it because the benefits of Taekwondo are huge.  

Jude we are so proud of your work and focus!! Congratulations on your new belt buddy!!!

What sports/activities are your kiddos getting involved in this fall?

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  1. So, there is nothing more exciting than Taekwondo belts and congratulations MOM. I always felt proud of my oldest son as he got his belts, it is such a huge deal. It's great he has found a sport he loves so much

  2. Oh my gosh, he is so cute. This is really an accomplishment. I don't know much about taekwondo, but I know it takes commitment and focus and a lot of work. Good for him!

  3. That's so awesome! I've never done taekwondo — only judo but I can already imagine how hard his training has been. Congratulations to him!

  4. That is such a fun milestone for your child to hit! I actually really want to get my son involved in tae kwon do, but he is a little bit too young. I think next year will be the perfect time to start.

  5. Congrats to Jude on receiving his belt!


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