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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

7 Tips for Decorating a Rental Kitchen

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It can be difficult to dress up your space when you are a tenant in a home or apartment.  A lot of us start off in a rental situation before buying a home and even though we are renting, we want our space to be OURS. When I think back to the issues we had when we were renting I wish I had these 7 Ways to Spruce up a Rental Kitchen tips.

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7 Tips for Decorating a Rental Kitchen

Most kitchens in older apartments leave a lot to be dreaded – old cabinets and appliances, scuffed up floors and insufficient cabinet and counter space.  A kitchen is a centerpiece of a home or apartment.  Lots of time is spent in the kitchen with friends and family so it really is important to spruce it up and let your style show through.   

Here are seven ideas for making your rental kitchen more welcoming and useful: 

1. Revive your cabinets
Give your cabinets a good clean. love this idea for the home we own as well.  When I look at our cabinets I can see that cooking grease - yuck.  This is an easy weekend project that would make any kitchen look updated and cleaner.  

2. Give your cabinets personality

You don’t have to paint your cabinets to give them a facelift. Ask your landlord if you can change the hardware. This will make a huge difference with very little effort.

Always remember to ask your landlord about projects like this before starting.  If I was a landlord, I would welcome these small upgrades and as a tenant I cannot think of an easier way to make a kitchen look new.  

3. Mask scuffed-up floors

Is the kitchen floor a little roughed up? Get a rug! I have an obsession with rugs.  Talk about a great way to get some color and patterns into your space. What colors are perfect for a modern kitchen? 

4. Hide your appliances

We got lucky and have new appliances at our rental right now. If you have older appliances, don’t worry. Use pictures to cover them. You can easily take magnets and pictures with you to the next kitchen in your future!  

5. Add some color

I like the idea of coming up with a color or pattern theme in the kitchen.  Adding rugs, towels and even wall hangings to create an inviting and updated space.  Currently our kitchen is red and I love it, I totally recommend it for any kitchen! 

6. Create extra space

Rentals can sometimes be small but you have to find ways to make your space not cluttered or messy.  On top of finding places for your kitchen items I think it is important to purge items you no longer use.   

7. Make it personal

Add a personal touch by hanging up d├ęcor that will make your rental kitchen feel like your own!

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All of these tips are great to make a rental kitchen yours! Once you implement these tips you can invite friends and family to enjoy your kitchen.   

Learn more about some simple home updates from Nationwide’s blog

What colors, themes or patterns do you recommend for rental kitchens? 

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  1. Even if you're renting an apartment, there are ways to personalize and spruce up the space. These are great tips on decorating a rental kitchen. I love the idea of adding a rug to the space, along with adding some color for personality. We did all of these things when we rented.

  2. Good tip to ask the landlord before making any changes. But you are right, if I were a landlord and a tenant wanted to make small improvements (like changing the fixtures) I would be all for it. A rolling island is a must have for a small kitchen. It is often a good place to store things as well.

  3. Color always spruces up a place. I like the idea of giving your cabinets personality. Yes, do hide your appliances.

  4. I've been renting for years now & it can be hard to make kitchens look good. I've definitely found that most landlords don't object to improvements...but I do ask first, lol!

  5. Colour always helps to reinvent a kitchen, as does changing or simply painting the cabinets! We own our house and have been for 10 years and STILL haven't updated our kitchen!

  6. I remember the days of renting and struggling with making it feel like my space. In our last home I bought the magnetic sheets that went on the front of the appliances to spruce them up a little bit. And colorful accents were my best friend!

  7. Decorating a rental can be tricky because you can make many changes. These tips are helpful for those wanting a change without making it permanent. I love the appliance are so stylish now a days! They can be a easy way to help add a pop of color to a kitchen.

  8. Great tips! I always liked adding a lot of color variations when we lived in a rental property...it took away from the things that I didn't like!

  9. The kitchen is an important part of the home especially when you're into chooking and like staying most of the time there. Sprucing up the kitchen is a good way to enhance the mood and ambiance of the house. Changing the cabinets and repainting the walls can be awesome ways to do it.


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