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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Family Pictures 2016 by Krista Haffner Photo

Every year we make sure we take time to take some fall or winter family photos.  Over the years we have found that my good friend from school, Krista, is our very favorite photographer.  She knows our kids and knows how to get through those sessions quickly but with a ton of great photo options.

I have to apologize for the picture overload but there were way too many good ones that I have to share.  All of them show the true us.  The crazy moments, the chaos and the silly.   Don't you love the fall colors Krista captured in this picture?  One of our favorite parts about living in Colorado is the changing colors in the fall so I am so happy we were able to capture some of that beauty this year.  

Remember how I told you Krista captures the REAL in her pictures.  This picture of Jude and Teagan couldn't show their true colors, personalities and actions more perfectly.  This is true laughter and silliness and I am so happy she got it on camera.  What a special bond they have.  

Who is this boy?  He is growing up right in front of our cameras.  What a tender soul and smart boy. 

And this sassy little one.  She gives us hell some days but we adore her independent little self.  What a beauty too...yes, we know, we are in trouble!

Our favorite family picture of the year.  All smiles!  I love the beauty trees behind us too.  Our framer of the year!

13 years strong!

The boys.  Handsome as ever.  

This little lady loves her daddy so much.  I LOVE this picture!

Ladies of the house.  We run the world!  

My sweet boy.  He might take up my whole lap now but I love when he wants to cuddle still. 

Another great one of the kids.  I can see Jude always standing behind Teagan protecting her as they get older.  

Contact Krista Haffner Photo Here:

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I cannot recommend Krista more - if you are in the Colorado area and need photos of any kind, please contact her! She will appreciate your business and love to meet your family!

Did you take family pictures for the holidays this year?

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  1. Such beautiful family pictures! Always love to look back at mine year after year! The giggles of your little ones in that second picture from the top, just melts my heart! I love it!

  2. These came out great! I love the candid moments when people aren't expecting a photo to be taken. You have a beautiful family.

  3. These are beautiful photos! We actually have our family photos scheduled for tomorrow! I'm so excited about it. Hopefully it becomes a tradition for us too...

  4. What precious pics! You've just reminded me too that we are due for family's been over three years!

  5. What a beautiful family. Your photos are so cute. I love your kids. The setting was a great choice. You all look very happy. I was just thinking I need to book pictures.

  6. Aww, the pictures turned out so lovely! The setting is gorgeous too! Having great family photos is so important and a great memory to have!

  7. These pictures are gorgeous, Krista! You have such a beautiful family. My favorite shot has to be the one of the two kiddos laughing! Pictures like that make my heart sing. Such joy! Thank you for sharing these! <3

  8. These pictures are great! What a beautiful family!

  9. We didn't take pictures yet this year. I really love all of these. You have a beautiful family and those smiles are so genuine and happy. I love the gorgeous colors and the realness of your family in the photos.

  10. You have a lovely family, and the pictures turned out great.


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