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Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Lost Tooth!

I feel like I haven't given any updates on Jude lately.  This almost 6 and a half year old guy is growing every day.  He is really enjoying and thriving in his full day Kindergarten classroom this year.  He is officially a reader - this guy is reading small chapter books all on his own!!  So fun!  

He is also a new owner of a hole in his mouth!  Yup that's right...he lost his first tooth!!  This was a long time coming for him, this tooth has been super lose for over a month and he finally got up enough nerve to yank it out!  This meant we got to play tooth fairy for the first time.  We have decided to give both Jude and Teagan gold dollar coins for each tooth.  Something fun and different from the tooth fairy, and it seems to be a hit with him so far.  

Such exciting news here in our household with this new milestone!  Just shows us once again, how quickly these kiddos are growing up! 

What does the tooth fairy give your kiddos in exchange for their lost teeth?

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  1. My youngest nephew is 7 now & he lost his first tooth when he was 6. He got a few dollars under his pillow, lol. Of course, now he's impatiently waiting for them all to fall out!

  2. My 5 1/2 year old son is obsessed with his teeth and keeps telling me that one is falling out, lol! I think he's heard about the tooth fairy at school and knows what she's bring him ;-)

  3. It is so exciting to see your kids start to ready by themselves! The whole world is wide open to them at that point. :) The tooth fairy here gives $5/tooth. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we only have one kid who still believes, and he is the youngest of 4. Pretty sure Dad got a little soft! LOL

  4. What a cute kid! My kindergarten is losing his teeth as well. He earns a quarter for his teeth.


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