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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Hard to believe that we are into November already, only a few more weeks and we will be entering the holiday season.  So crazy how fast 2016 is going.  We certainly had a very busy October and I have so much to update you all on but for now, I want to share some of our Halloween pictures from last night.  

We had a very unusually HOT Halloween here in Colorado which was so nice.  We were able to let the kids actually wear their costumes with out layers - what a concept!  Ha!  Now, I also need to make sure you take an extra look at our Pumpkins for this year.  Those are pretty special pumpkins.  Jeremy and I got home from Jamaica (more on that soon!) at 12am Halloween morning and due to Jeremy having to work on Halloween day he had to complete those pumpkins, as the kids requested, the moment we got in the door.  Amazingly he did it in under 2 hours!  Woohoo!!  Super Dad!!  

Jude was Miles from Tomorrowland.  He loves this show on Disney and was so excited when he saw this costume in the catalog.  It was a fun costume and I think he really enjoyed showing it off at his school party too.  He was a pretty perfect Miles!  

Teagan was the newest Disney princess this year.  Princess Elena of Avalor.  The fairest of them all I am sure!  ha!  She adores this new show on Disney and was set on this costume the moment she saw it.  Especially those fancy heels!  She LOVES heels!!  This dress was so pretty too.  And because of the great weather she didn't need a sweater at all!

Happy kiddos ready to stock up on some candy!!  We had a great Halloween and we hope you all did as well! 

What were your kiddos for Halloween this year?

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  1. Those pumpkins are amazing! It would've taken me all night & they still would've been a mess, lol.


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