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Monday, November 7, 2016

Things I Don't Want To Forget - Teagan 4 Years Old

Teagan is 4!!  I still cannot believe that our "baby" is 4!  She had a great birthday filled with fun, mermaids, friends and family.  This year we headed to Target again for her milestone pictures and once again, she rocked that camera and the photos are simply amazing.  

We went to her annual well check a few days ago to see how she is doing.  She is one healthy, growing and happy little lady.  And just like her brother she is tall!  

4 Year Old Stats:
35 pounds = 50%
41 inches = 76%

Perfect and most importantly healthy. 

  • Teagan wears size 5T shirts and dresses and size 4T bottoms. 
  • Teagan loves all things princesses!
  • Teagan goes to preschool 3 days a week for half days. 
  • Teagan is a little boy crazy...

  • Teagan's favorite colors are pink, purple and black. 
  • Teagan's favorite food is Mac & Cheese - she could eat that for every meal every day. 
  • Teagan loves playing with Jude. 
  • Teagan loves to read books. 
  • Teagan enjoys crafts like drawing, painting and cutting. 

  • Teagan is a very independent little lady. 
  • Teagan acts like a teenager most days...yikes!
  • Teagan loves to get her nails painted with mommy. 
  • Teagan is in gymnastics and dance. 
  • Teagan loves cuddling with her kitties. 

  • Teagan would wear dresses and heels everyday if we let her. 
  • Teagan likes to run and play outside with daddy and Jude. 
  • Swinging on the swings at the park is one of her favorite things to do. 
  • Teagan likes taking shopping trips with Mommy. 

  • Teagan is very smart and it shows in her school work. 
  • Teagan loves to talk!
  • Teagan is one sassy girl with a great personality. 
  • Teagan loves singing in the car.

  • Teagan is a sweetie. 
  • Teagan cares about others - very empathetic.
  • Teagan loves veggies but doesn't care for fruit at all!
  • Teagan's favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! 

While we have our days that the sassy pants pushes our buttons we are both very happy that we have a little girl who is so independent and ready to rule the world.  She will continue to be the girl that moves mountains!

Happy 4 years Teagan!!!

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  1. Well, she is too cute! And those shoes! Those are so cute, too & they perfectly match that dress.

  2. Such a beautiful young lady! I love that you do this and wish I had thought of it when my daughter was this age. As they get older, and their interests are wide ranging, it is so easy to forget the smallest thing about what makes up their personalities! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little Teagan! You've got a beautiful collection of photos to remember her 4th birthday, and the blog post to note her likes and personality at this age is so sweet (and a treasured memento for your entire family).

    Our local Target doesn't offer in-store photography, but I after seeing the impressive variety of backgrounds and quality of the pictures they provided for you, I wish they did.

  4. She is so cute. Happy Birthday sweet girl. So great you have this post for memories.

  5. What a gorgeous little lady! Happy birthday Teagan :)
    These photos are gorgeous. No way were they dont at Target? My little girl is about to turn 2 and I do regret not having any professional photography done yet. I think this might be the year we have to start!
    I did do a photo each week of her first year with a personalised note which I'm going to give her when she's older. What is it about being a parent that makes you want to capture every moment to treasure? Don't they grow up fast

  6. What a beautiful little girl! Time passes so fast I can understand journaling details to have as a keep sake.

  7. Wow...she is just beautiful and that outfit is too cute! The photos turned out great!

  8. Aw! Happy Birthday to your precious daughter, Teagan! She is beautiful! I love how you document what is happening in their lives at this point. I always think I'll remember everything like this, but I'm quickly learning that is not the case!

  9. What a great way to celebrate her special day. Our kids must be similar in age since my son just turned four! We celebrated with a day at Disney but I totally forgot to take "official" photos. That is a good way to add photos to the wall!


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