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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moving on Up! Jude's Taekwondo Update

Over the last year we have shared Jude's excellent work in Taekwondo.  This sport/activity is proving to be a great one for Jude and he is really excelling in the program.  A few weeks ago Jude had a testing scheduled, he did great with his form and weapon work and earned his next belt.  He loves testing, he does get nervous but he really KNOWS his stuff.  

New Belt!!  Speaking of this, I really need to find a way to display all of his belts, I believe this is his 6th belt!  Woohoo Jude!!  Keep it up!  You can see he is so proud of his work and dedication. 

This testing went just like all of the other have in the past, however, due to his great work and dedication to the program it was decided that he would move to a whole new class.  Before testing he was in the "little kids class", it was called Tigers.  He is now attending the Karate for Kids class plus a leadership class.  This means he is in a class with kids a lot older and bigger than him.  This is a whole new challenge but it is a great one for him.  

He is about 3 weeks into the new class schedule and he is improving every day.  His expectations are way higher from his instructors both at home and at class.  This has been a change for us all but I am so excited to see how the next testing goes so we can see how much he improves. 

Seeing this little guy so happy and confident is a great feeling as a parent.  While some of the pieces of this school drive me crazy (so not organized) I am unbelievably thankful that we found this activity for Jude.  

Do your children attend any Taekwondo/Karate classes for their extracurricular activities?

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