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Friday, March 31, 2017

Making Memories with Dad

Park visits are always a favorite for my kids and let me tell ya, it is a great way to get out an enjoy the nice warm spring weather and tire out the kids so they take a Saturday afternoon nap!  Thank you park time!  Now, that being said, our park visits usually happen on the weekends but just like a lot of our weekends, this weekend was super busy for me.  All good things but nonetheless, incredibly busy.  

I am unbelievably blessed with a husband that really enjoys playing and making memories with our children.  Jude and Teagan are so lucky to have a daddy like him.  Knowing how busy I was, Jeremy took the kids on a trip to the park that the kids love the best.  This means lots of running, playing, meeting new friends but most importantly making memories with dad!

I really enjoy hearing the stories and fun that the kids and Jeremy had while enjoying each others company.  These moments make it clear how much kids really just want us crazy adults to spend time with them and make memories with them rather than purchasing the newest trendy toy.  Memories really do last a lifetime.  

Before the kids and Jeremy headed out to the park I made sure to pack a few snacks and water for their trip.  The plan was for a few hours at the park and goodness knows these little ones need some refueling while having that much fun in the spring sunshine. 

One of our go to snacks to take with us places is Goldfish Baked crackers.  My kids especially love the Colors and the Whole Grain Cheddar.  Not only are these little Goldfish multi-packs great for our on-the-go adventures but they are perfect for school lunches.  Write that one down mom!  

Finding a snack that the kids enjoy and we feel good about giving them is such a bonus.  These kids are so picky sometimes!  Ugh!   Goldfish crackers are always baked with real cheese, contain no artificial flavors or preservative and the colors that they love are sources from plants!  Love that!  I for one, love that the whole wheat option contains 12 grams of whole wheat per serving.  It is like we are tricking our kids into eating something packed with whole grains!  Parent win!

The kids told me that after they ran and played for a long time they were ready for a little snack with daddy before heading out for more fun.  Make sure you check out the video of their day at the park.  Memories, laughter and fun!!  Love seeing those smiles.  Oh and Jude climbing the rock wall - that is a HUGE accomplishment for him.  So very proud of him for finally overcoming that fear. 

Looking for some great ways for Dad to make memories with the kids? 

  • Park trips
  • Play catch
  • Art contest with sidewalk chalk
  • Ride bikes
  • Play video games
  • Go camping
  • Read a book
  • Make a model car
  • Have a picnic
  • Go for a walk
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Get some ice cream
  • Fix something together
  • Have a tea party
  • Gardening

Happy memories are better than any toy.  Keep that in mind parents.  These seasons pass us so quickly.  Take time to enjoy these special people in your lives and make some memories with them.  Like I said, I am so thankful for a husband who wears the job of being a father proudly and he teaches me every day how I need to remember to put the work and lists aside and immerse myself in my kiddos lives.  Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, etc - you all need these reminders. 

Enjoy the small things like taking some time at the park to find a picnic table to refuel and have a little snack with your kids.  Those one on one moments will recharge you as a parent, even on those rough parenting days.  

We have always enjoyed using Goldfish crackers in other recipes and snack ideas.  Get additional inspiration and ideas from Goldfish crackers here!

What is your family's favorite way to enjoy Goldfish Crackers?

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