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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Watch Us Grow With Mott's Applesauce!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott’s®. All opinions are mine alone.

People say it all the time, "You are growing like a weed!"  Well, I am finding that to be the truth with both of my kids.  It is no surprise that they are both tall for their ages and we fully expect both of them to be taller than us!  Now, we understand that just growing in height doesn't mean they are healthy, which means we have also made sure that as they continue to grow we are being conscious about their eating habits to promote health. 

Packing lunches and snacks for your children can be difficult at times.  I think as parents we often run to the easy and convenient but a lot of the times those options are not healthy options. Mott's get it.  We are busy but do not want to hand our kids terrible snack options.  

Every weekend when I head to Walmart to do my grocery shopping I make sure I pick up a few Mott's Applesauce products for those busy on-the-go days and also for Jude's lunches.  Both Jude and Teagan especially like the Mott's Unsweetened Strawberry Applesauce pouches. 

The Mott's Applesauce products are not just for the kids either, I promise you, I take an applesauce cup to work for lunch every day!!  Cold applesauce has to be one of my very favorite snacks!  Yummy!  

Mott's has created a whole line of unsweetened applesauce products and great 100% juice pouches that I am happy to have my children enjoy.  I know that they are getting great nutrients from these healthy snack choices.  Mott’s is full of real fruit goodness and is an excellent source of vitamins to help our kiddos start strong and grow strong!

To help celebrate growing, Mott's and Walmart want to give all of us an opportunity to see the healthy growth in our kiddos.  We love our new Mott's growth chart!  It is full of great colors, characters and facts!  Love it!  We placed our growth chart on the back of the bedroom door.  

Jude is almost as tall as the red kangaroo!!  So fun!  I believe that Jude is going through a growth spurt now, so it will be interesting to see how much he grows over the next few months.  Soon, he will be off of the growth chart!!  

Here’s How You Get Your Growth Chart:

1) Buy $10 worth of Mott’s Juice or Sauce at Walmart.  Offer excludes Mott's Fruit Snacks.

2) Register for the offer on the Mott's website. 

3) Upload receipts on the Mott's website beginning now thru 9/15/2017.

4) The growth chart will be mailed to your home once receipts have been verified.

Easy right?  So easy!  And this growth chart is a great quality chart that is really easy to apply to any surface. 

Teagan was pretty surprised that she was as tall as a Bengle tiger!  I am excited to see how much our little lady will grow.  We recently noticed that some of her summer dresses are bit short, guess that means she is growing!!  

When you head to Walmart you will find Mott's 100% Juice in the juice section and the Mott’s sauce items in the apple/fruit sauce sections.  Stock up and then redeem your receipts so you can start having fun with this great Mott's Growth Chart!  Get Growing!

No matter the occasion, Mott's helps your kids be healthy, whether it's school lunches, daytime snacks, or family meal time.  


Who would you send this Mott's Growth Chart too?

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  1. What a fun thing for Mott to offer. We too had a growth chart when the kids were growing up and it was crazy to put the marks on and see how much they had changed. During those years, applesauce was a staple in my grocery cart. Not only would they eat it straight, but I put it in so many of my baked goods to make them a little bit healthier!

  2. I love Mott's applesauce, especially all the flavors they have.

  3. This reminds me of when I was a little girl, and we used to go to the orchard and then make our OWN apple sauce!!!

  4. I like to buy the individual cups of Motts to have on hand for recipes. Secretly I add applesauce to a lot of recipes! Soups, baked goods... I substitute sugar and it is just as good - or better!!

  5. My kids like Motts products. We have used the applesauce and the Motts for Tots Juice. I like grabbing their applesauce packets for summer road trips and lunches.

  6. I had a growth chart growing up! It was so much fun to see how tall I got on my birthdays! I am not really into applesauce but my husband loves it!

  7. First of all, I love the growth chart you have on your door. It's really, really cute! Second of all, Motts Applesauce was THE applesauce I grew up with. I love the brand and think they have really great products!

  8. I love that adorable growth chart! I've been meaning to get one for the little one but we are moving in another apartment so I'll wait on that. I remember my dad would do this a lot too and I usually get excited to know I've grown! LOL!

    Mae |

  9. They do grow fast, don't they!?! My four year old is bigger than my oldest was at his age. He also enjoys Mott's applesauce on an almost every day basis.


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