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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jude is 7!

It really doesn't seem possible, SEVEN.  Jude turned seven years old yesterday.  I will never forget his story of entering our family. And now that I look back it seems like it was just yesterday.  But it wasn't!!  This kid is growing and thriving every day - and certainly giving us interesting challenges as well.  

This was a big year for Jude, he graduated Kindergarten and will be starting first grade in the fall.  Big changes but he is so ready.  We both know how incredibly blessed we are to have Jude in our family.  

Things I don't want to forget:
  • Jude loves to read! He is reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level. 
  • He is so creative, he makes up his own games every day. 
  • He is sensitive and emphatic.
  • Jude wears a size 3 shoe, size 8 shorts and youth medium shirts
  • He is always wanting to learn more. 
  • He enjoys going to the museums in town. 
  • Loves Pokemon and Oregon Trail. 
  • Very anxious when it comes to changes. 
  • Going into first grade. 
  • Likes reading comic books. 
  • Favorite food...pizza!
  • Jude loves playing with his sister. 

Jude, we love you so much and cannot imagine our family without you in it.  You bring us challenges, fun and creativity.  Thank you for being our Turtle for the last 7 years.  We are so excited to see what SEVEN brings us!  

Happy Birthday Turtle!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jude! It's great fun to be 7! Isn't it fun to look back and think about how far this kids have come? I remember when my son was this age, it was one of my favorites. He too was into Pokemon and comic books. So much fun to think back. It'll be fun for him to one day look back through your posts and read your sweet words to him. x

  2. Happy birthday, Jude! First off, let me start off by saying how healthy and handsome you look. Also, that is ONE epic Pokemon cake! Pizza is my favorite food as well - glad to know we have that in common!

  3. Happy birthday,Jude!! The big 7, you're a big boy. Wow, it is such a blessing to look back and remember how far our children have grown. I love his cake, so cute! I have some of those fun memories of my son too.

  4. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Jude! He will be a scholar student. He will be successful in studies and achieving academic goals :)

  5. This is so sweet!! Wishing Jude the happiest of blessings and wishes as he starts his 7th year of growth, learning and exploration!

  6. Awww, Happy 7th Birthday Jude!! It's crazy, how fast our kids go. You blink and more than half a decade has gone by! He is one handsome kid! Hey Jude, I like pizza, too!!

  7. Awe! Happy Birthday Jude!!!! I never believed my parents when they said time flys after you have kids. They surely do! I love that he loves to read. I think it's amazing to see kids reading and wanting to Learn. I hope Jude had an amazing birthday and I am with him on that pizza!!

  8. Happy birthday to your boy! Love the Pokemon cake.

  9. Happy Birthday, Jude!!!! 7 is a great age! I love how you added things that you want to remember into this post. What a great idea! My son loves Pokemon and The Oregon Trail too! Did you know they have an Oregon Trail card game now?!

  10. Thats cute he is a big Pokemon fan and loving the cake. Great way to cherish his year! He is a cutie and thats awesome he graduated from kindergarten!

  11. Seven years old is such a great age, Happy Birthday Jude!!! Gotta love Pokemon, does he play PokemonGo? the kids and I love playing that game. I haven't played Oregon Trail in forever, loved that game as a kid!


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