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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Teagan's 2017 Summer Dance Recital

Well another season of dance has come to a close.  Teagan had her end of the season summer dance recital a few weeks ago and it was precious.  This is Teagan's second bit recital of her dance career.  We have been with the same dance company now for over 2 years.  It has been a great company for Teagan.  The teachers are so great with these young ladies.  

This year her class was given a red sparkly costume.  Man she loved that dress.  That being said, we totally thought she was getting a purple dress so I was kind of sad about the red but they turned out really pretty.  Along with the recital the company brings in a photographer yearly photos which is so much fun.  I had to purchase them all because I couldn't choose a favorite.  So....here is my apology for a very picture heavy post!  ha!

Their first dance was a Tap Dance routine.  At this age, the kids are out on the stage with out their teachers.  Such a big step for these little ladies!  They did great!  Out of the two dances this is the one that the girls knew the best.  Oh that shimmy!  

When we got these pictures we couldn't believe how grown up she looks.  Sure she has her hair and make-up done but still!  Where does the time go?

The second dance was a jazz number to Moana's How Far I'll Go.  Now, this was a pretty difficult number.  The girls did great but I can see that we are reaching the age that we will need to be practicing her routines more and more at home.  

After the recital, she knows that her daddy will be giving her flowers.  Such a little lady.   She was so happy for her flowers and ribbon.  

I believe that we will be in the Dance World for the long haul.  She really enjoys dancing and I believe she has the ability to really do well in Dance.  In the fall she will be moving to a big girl class - ages 5-7!  It will be interesting to see how she grows.  

And one last picture....my friends, this is our girl!  HA!  We are in trouble...Oy!!  

Are your children wrapping up any sports and activities for the summer?

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  1. Teagan is a beautiful little girl - and VERY talented! I had several friends in dance growing up but I was never able to join them as I dance like a newborn calf walks! Their dance routine was fantastic and all of the girls did an amazing job. My boys wrapped up 4-H this month -- unfortunately, they weren't able to go to the week camp this year but we're definitely planning on next summer! My 13 year old, Isaiah, is finishing rec league baseball but he will continue playing with a tournament team through the end of July. My 11 year old, Aidan, decided against playing baseball this year because he's started the braces journey. He had to have an expander put in first so we've let him take a break to adjust to the process. He is looking forward to football starting in August though. Thanks for sharing your daughter's dance recital!

  2. She is just beautiful! What a little tulip she is! I sure wish that my beautiful niece had stuck with dance class. The instructor wasn't impressed with her ability to pester others who really wanted just to learn how to dance. :(

  3. I have some incredible memories from my dance lessons long ago. Oh what fun, the recitals and the costumes, all my little friends. I loved dance! You're daughter is a beautiful girl and so talented, I'm glad you are encouraging her to follow her dreams and find her passions. It will do so much for building her confidence and helping her to find her way in life, discovering what she enjoys and the things she is really good at.

  4. WOW she is beautiful! I love her outfit and she did such a great job on the videos! Tap is such a hard dance to learn, it took my oldest forever to get that routine right! I love that she has such confidence!!

  5. What a sweetie! And look at her beautiful dress. It's any little girl's dream. I remember the years my daughter was in dance. Every time she got a new outfit/costume, it was the only thing she'd wear (even to bed). Good luck to her!

  6. How cute is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her video and she is so talented and not shy at all. WTG Teagan!!! She looks so good in red and isn't shy at all.

  7. She looks adorable in her dance outfit. What exciting times - watching your little girl dance and her being able to participate.

  8. What a cutie! It looks like she really enjoys dancing! I remember being in dance recitals when I was that young, and my favorite part was also the shiny, sparkly costumes!

  9. Your daughter looks so grown up! I never did dance as a kid so now I have two left feet but seeing your daughter dance she wont ever have this issue. I wish I had worn such pretty costumes when I was younger

  10. Wow she looks very adorable! My friends daughter is into ballet and I love watching her recitals too. I hope she continue ballet. Will look forward on her next recital.


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