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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back-To-School with Box Tops + Free Printable

This conversation is brought to you by Acorn and Box Tops for Education. All opinions are my own.

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Schools need our help and the small things matter. As a mom that has a full time job I do find it hard to carve out more time in my day to physically help the school so I have found ways to help out from home. It is no surprise to hear that schools need funding for things like computers, other technology and school room supplies. Thankfully, on the products you probably buy every week while doing your weekly grocery runs there are little Box Tops for Education® squares that equal money for those items schools need.

Our family collects these Box Tops year round but as the back to school season begins it is always a great reminder why we cut those Box Tops off of all of our products. Some of our favorite items for school lunches have the Box Tops on them; Mott's Medley's, Ziploc and Viva are usually monthly buys for us during the school year. 

After we go shopping, I do a scan of all of our products just to see if we have any Box Tops to cut off of the products. It really is an easy process, however, it is always a challenge for me to not lose those little Box Tops. After years of doing this I decided that now that the kids are a bit older they can help me with this collection since it is money going to their school.

This year there is a new option to earning easy money for your schools as well. The Box Tops Bonus App is free and it helps you turn your receipts into more cash!! Download the free app today and start earning cash now!

It really is super easy and let's be honest, we always carry our phones with us so we might as well add another FREE app to our lives since it gives the schools even more cash opportunities!

I created a simple printable for my kids to use so we can easily sit down and collect our Box Tops and not lose them. Once I cut out all of the Box Tops, I had the kids sit at the kitchen table with me. We got our our printables and tape and we started collecting!

The printable I made has rectangles that are perfect for the kids to tape the Box Tops into. Not only is this a fun activity for the kids but it also makes it way easier on the person at the school that has to count all of the Box Tops, they can simply cut out each Box Top from the printable and send them in for items for the school.

After a while I did let my son use his safety scissors to help me with the cutting. Hello life skills and thank you Montessori curriculum! HA! He loves cutting work while at school.

I think this printable would be a great incentive for classrooms at school to get into a competition for collecting Box Tops. There are 18 rectangles on this printable. Think about how many Box Tops could be collected if a classroom handing these out to their kids? I know our small school that gets no funding from the state would really benefit from a mass collection like this!

Currently, Walmart has a promotion to help the schools have an for more free cash! All you have to do is purchase products that are likely on your shopping list already, like Mott's products, Totino's Pizza, General Mills cereals, Kleenex, Ziploc Sandwich Bags, and more! **Buy 5 Box Tops items, earn $5 in Box Tops! So easy!

It's a cute printable right? Fun for kids!!

Download this Free Box Tops Printable here.

See how simple it is? I am always surprised at how quickly we fill up our tracker. And I will be honest, over the summer I was bad about cutting out the Box Tops, so I went through our pantry and found a ton of Box Tops that were still valid! All that free cash for the school just sitting in my pantry. You need to check out your pantry today. I bet you will find enough Box Tops to fill up at least one of these tracker sheets.

Now that you have all the information on how to earn easy money for you school with Box Tops it is time to go shopping and start cutting Box Tops!

How do you plan on collecting Box Tops this school year?

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  1. The printable is such a cute idea. A great incentive to collecting the box tops.

  2. Supporting public schools is so important. It's great that you make such an effort to collect box tops. I think that most people never even consider it. Maybe if they knew the difference it made in their own child's school then they would join you. Love the cute printable. What a clever way to get kids excited about collecting.

  3. as an exec member of the PTA board, we use the boxtops to help fund additional programs at our school. I love the printable to generate some excitement and raise awareness to have them saved / collected. I will be introducing this to the board at the next meeting-thank you for the inspiration!

  4. We have a similar sort of thing for our schools on the Sunshine Coast. I didn't think I would really be able to contribute but I soon realised that I actually had alot of the things you needed to collect just lying around the house. Might have only been ten dollars or so but every dollar helps!

  5. We loved doing the Box Tops program when my son was in grade school. However, keeping up with the box tops was a chore. The printable you made is a great idea! That would be perfect for keeping track of them. :)

  6. Oh right it's back-to-school season! I can't believe how quickly it's flown by. I always forget to grab my Box Tops but they are fantastic - I should definitely start.

  7. Box tops are awesome! I love helping out and supporting my little one's school. We love collecting box tops, they are so easy and this template is so helpful!

  8. How fun! Our family has been saving box-tops since the days my brother and I were in elementary school. In fact, even to this day, I have an envelope in the kitchen drawer that I tuck them away in. When it gets (sort of) full, I give them to the neighbor kids to turn in at school. x

  9. I can't believe that back-to-school is already upon us. I miss collection box tops with my kids it was always so fun. It is such a fun and easy way to help schools.

  10. My kids would inspect every item we brought home from the grocery store for boxtops. Their old school used to have pizza parties for the class that brought in the most boxtops for the month.


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