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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Décor Ideas For People Inhabiting Studio Apartments

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Décor Ideas For People Inhabiting Studio Apartments

If you are an artistic young soul who has secured a good job in the city-centre, then a studio apartment could prove to be the best residence for you. Actually a studio apartment is just an open plan apartment like a clean canvas waiting to be painted upon. There’s no separate living room, kitchen or sleeping areas here and you have to unleash your creativity to designate these areas while simultaneously creating distinction among them. Here are some excellent ideas that might act as food for thought or an inspiration for your studio décor.


Multitasking Furniture

If you are short of space, make peace with furniture that multitasks. Modular furniture are excellent when you have an acute lack of space to deal with. Sneaky ottomans with storage space within, drop leaf tables taking lesser space, and sofa beds are some of the tricks modular furniture can do while making your apartment look spacious and airy. If your budget permits you can even go for a modular kitchen as some of the new ones offer loads of storage space while being quite flexible at the same time. Also try keeping the windows open. Airy places always give a feeling of spaciousness.

Loft beds for high ceilings

Perhaps the major factor that troubles most of the studio apartment residents is the limited storage space. It is a tiny living space after all and without creativity, there isn’t much you can do. In such a scenario, a loft bed can prove to be quite beneficial, especially if the ceiling of your apartment is high. This is because it will automatically give you the space required for sleeping while at the same time being out of sight when it is not needed. You can hire a professional for the installation of the bed and before you do that, you must ask your landlord or developer whether they allow you to make changes in the apartment. A loft bed will leave plenty of space for you to move around while granting you privacy while sleeping.

Divide and Rule

Because a studio apartment is just one big room, you have to designate different places quite distinctly to make your living area look more organised. Wall racks and shelves are your best bet for dividing different areas. These things can not only create a division, but also act as storage options. You can also create a division with small wooden planks or even use foldable screens and similar dividers to separate the living and sleeping zones. Carefully consider your budget while brainstorming different ideas for your interior décor for things can get quite expensive sometimes. Also keep in mind the color combination of your walls. Don’t let the shades of the dividers collide with the walls. Keep a nice contrast and all will be fine.

These were some of the tips assisting you in making the most out of your living space in your studio apartment. Try them out and tell us how they worked for you.

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