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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Astri: The Brave L'il Oyster - Book Review

Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of Astri: The Brave L'il Oyster in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

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Astri: The Brave L'il Oyster

Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever had to be brave when you were scared? This is a little tale about a brave little oyster who faces her fears and in the process She finds her experience produces something much greater than she could have anticipated! What could it be?

Our Review:

We are so incredibly lucky to have both of our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and books.  Any time we have a few free moments they find a book to read, short or long car trips they are reading, before bed...reading!  You get the point.  So, as you can imagine we have a ton of books in our home.  They are all over the place!  HA!!  That being said, I am always buying more books for Jude and Teagan.  

One of our new favorites to read together is Astri: The Brave L'il Oyster by Jessica Delagardelle.  When I first received this book I could tell that the kids would not only love the story but especially love the pictures. The fiber art illustrations are nothing like we have seen before. My kids and I actually studied the pages one night to see the amazing details. So cool!!

As for the story of Astri. Adorable and full of teachable moments. Little Astri learned how to turn a problem into a solution. I loved that we could tell that Astri grew stronger in her decisions of finding that solution as well.  Both Jude and Teagan really picked up on the message in the book and have read a many times since.  

About The Author:

Jessica Delagardelle has been mesmerized by the ocean since she was a wee thing, even though she lived in the middle of the desert. She never stood by the ocean until she was a teenager, but it was then that she knew her life would always involve the water and the creatures that live there, just beyond the sand.

​Jessica moved to Washington State. She is curious, like an octopus. She learned how to SCUBA dive so she could swim like a seal. She also learned how to surf so she could ride waves like the dolphins. She continues to be inspired by the ocean and all its creatures.

​Astri and Jessica's lives came together when Jessica was encountering a lot of scary things on land. Astri had an experience she felt could help Jessica face her fears. Jessica and Astri decided to share what they've learned with you!

We would recommend this book to any family.  It really is a great inspirational story filled with amazing artwork.  Add this book to your gift lists for the holidays!  You can buy it on Amazon or on L’il Astri’s Website!

Is this a book you would pick up for your kids this holiday season???

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  1. This looks like such an awesome book! I loved reading your review. I think I will have to check this out! My son would love it! My baby is a reader now :)

  2. Very cute, I love how they made the character and the setting. How crafty and clever.

  3. This is the kind of book my youngest would enjoy! Thanks for recommending.The artwork is amazing and I bet the story is great. Amazing fiber art!

  4. This is an adorable book. I think our grandson would like this when he gets a little older.

  5. My kids always enjoyed reading. I wish they still liked to read things like this. But I was just blessed with another great niece. Maybe I need to start her library!

  6. This is totally adorable and my 4 year old would love it. The colors are great!

  7. Looks like a fun read. what nice illustrations

  8. What an adorable book. This really makes me miss by kids being younger and reading to them. Time sure flies by.

  9. I really do love the artwork in this book. It is so cute. And that's great that you have such an amazing story as well. I know the kids in my library would love this book.

  10. Great book review! I also love the artwork. It definitely looks like something that kids will love and it's very colorful too.


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