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Thursday, October 5, 2017

So You Are A Full Time Blogger...Now What?

On June 3rd I officially became a full-time blogger.  It was a huge step for me but a step that I couldn't be happier about.  Let me give you a little background, I worked in a non-profit for close to 10 years and for 5 of of those years I also built my blog.  Building Our Story started as a journal for me, if you look back at my first entries, it really was more of a diary of what was going on in our life in the moment.  A few years into building my blog, I started monetizing and about 3 years ago I started earning close to a full-time income on my blog.  Let me be clear, this takes a lot of work and has always been a job rather than a hobby for me.  

Now, let's jump to 2017, after months of discussions with my family I took the leap of faith and turned in my notice to my "out of the home" job.  Ahh!!  Well, here I am 4 months later feeling amazing about my choice.  Today I want to share some of the feelings, experiences and moments I have had since moving to being a full-time blogger/influencer!

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So You Are A Full Time Blogger...Now What?

Freedom:  That first week of June I felt like I had new life, I woke up feeling rested and ready for doing something I love.  That feeling had been missing for a few years in the job I had before.  I didn't feel stressed anymore, I knew that I would not run out of hours in the day anymore.  What a relief. Enjoy this freedom, enjoy the energy you have and build and create content!

Talking To Yourself:  So, now that I work from home I find myself not talking to anyone from 8:15-4:30!!  AHH!!  Now, that part is really weird to me.  I am a social person which is why I was able to continue walking into my job for years even though I wasn't loving what I was doing.  It was the people I worked with that got me in the door.  So, if you walk into my home office now, you might hear me talking to myself every so often!  This can lead to a secluded feeling, as a full-time blogger I have made sure I find time to meet for lunch or coffee with friends and other bloggers and also take time to volunteer at my kiddos school.  

OMG What Did I Do?: You will have moments that you totally question yourself.  I have had a few weeks of lower opportunities and find myself running to job boards and seeing if I need to get back into the "outside of the home" job track.  Try not to give up on your blog dream.  Remember why you are happier and why you worked hard towards this career!  Keep in mind, in this career you will find there are months of feast and months of famine. Another tip - before you take the leap into full-time blogging, have a good savings account so you are not feeling stuck in slow weeks or months. 

Flexibility:  Want to go on vacation?  You do not have to submit a time off request to your boss anymore.  Want to attend you son's field trip? You do not have to get that meeting covered!  Want to take a nap because you stayed up to late watching a movie?  Yes, you can do that too!!  

No Holidays/Vacations:  Sure you have the flexibility but often, you will find yourself having to post content or social shares even on your holidays or vacations.  While this is a downfall at times, I choose to see the positive and that is having the opportunities to earn money while having the flexibility with my family. 

Yoga Pants:  I fell into the Yoga Pants cliche.  Ugh.  I am, thankfully, out that now but for a few weeks I found myself only wearing my yoga pants.  I found that my motivation was lowered when I did this.  I have decided I need to treat this job just like any other office job.  Dress for success. 

Work Harder:  Hustle.  Find it!!  Now this is your income, time to build on it and keep earning more.  You have moved from a hobby to a career and this is when you have to keep motivated.  Find your motivation, find your organization and really focus on creating content you enjoy and will earn you money in return.  

Pay Yourself:  My blog income has always gone into a business account.  Decide what your paycheck will be and make sure you pay yourself from your blog income accounts.  Treat payday like you would at any other job. 

Gain Respect For Your JOB:  Many people think that blogging is just an easy way to earn some extra income.  You will find yourself feeling like you need to share the real story of blogging full-time.  Give people a look into your day.  It isn't just sitting at a computer writing posts, it is creating content like recipes and tutorials, pitching, accounting, working with PR agencies, education and applying for campaigns.  This truly is a job and a career that needs to be respected. 

What Do You Do For A Living?:  You will be asked what you do over and over.  Find the title you want to use.  Influencer, blogger, writer, etc.  Be prepared to answer questions and again, be prepared for people to think you just write on a blog and get a bit of extra cash for your work.  Be proud of your earned it. 

So You Are A Full Time Blogger...Now What?, Tips On Becoming a Full-Time Blogger, become a full time blogger, blogging for income, full time income blogging, start a blog

Tips On Becoming a Full-Time Blogger:

  • Have money saved up before you transition over to relying on your blogging income
  • Continue sharing your authentic voice
  • Continue learning
  • Have a plan with your family before turning in your notice
  • Crunch numbers - how much are you really making?
  • Love what you do!
  • Find a good schedule at home
  • Be prepared for a feast or famine!
  • Network with local bloggers

Have you considered taking the leap into full-time blogging and influencing?  What tips do you have for people hoping to make the leap in the future?

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  1. I am so glad I found your post about new bloggers! I just started blogging and I'm not going to lie, it can be totally terrifying. Thank you sharing all these helpful insights!

  2. I've been blogging for 9 years, but I can tell you, that even though I've been at it for a long time, I find this post to be extremely helpful. I have a few friends that are starting out with blogging, so I will for sure share this with them. Great tips!

  3. I joined a childhood friend to do a blog but have an online store that I'm working on for income. Maybe someday I can earn income from both.

  4. I love this post. I made my transition on May 1, 2017 and just like you, it is the best decision I've ever made. I am glad to see others that are happy with their decisions. Congrats, as your blog is awesome :)

  5. Okay, you are pointing your finger straight at me. I have been wearing leggings for way too long, it appears. My motivation is super low. Gonna get 'dressed for work' tomorrow morning.

  6. Awesome post! I couldn't agree more that bloggers need to be respected for the professionals that we are!
    The yoga pants comment made me smile. I'll admit there are some days I don't get dressed until almost 11:00am. I do feel better and more productive when I get dressed though. Congrats on becomming a full time blogger!

  7. I also agree that we need to respected as many bloggers do this as a profession. It's a lot of work!! I only do it on the side and find it takes up so much of my free time...but I love it!

  8. Congrats on being able to be a full-time blogger! I hope to be at that point someday. Right now I'm the sole breadwinner for our household, so it won't be anytime soon.

  9. What an awesome post and I love to read more about this and it's really helpful for the new blogger and Congrats for become a full time blogger I salute to all the bloggers I now blogging is not easy.

  10. I had no idea and I feel like I've been following you for a while! A bit late, but congrats! I too work from home, full-time as a blogger and social media marketing manager for other companies. Blogging has really paved the way for me and given me great opportunities. I wish you the absolute best of luck!

  11. Hi. I’ve just started blogging in July and really enjoying it. I’m not making any money at the moment, but like you I really hate my job - it’s dead end! Hopefully one day, like you, I will be able to become a full time blogger. Well done ����


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