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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Teagan's Winter Dance Recital

Before Christmas, Teagan had her Winter Dance Recital.  We always look forward to these recitals because it is so much fun to see her and her class perform after working so hard for the last 5 months.  This is Teagan's third year of dance and this year she was moved up a level.  We decided to stick with the combo class of ballet and tap but she is now in a 5-7 year old class.  Dancing with the big girls!  

So far, she is showing some great improvement and she seems to love both ballet and tap equally.  It will be really interesting to see if that changes over the years.

For their Winter Recital they danced to Susie Snowflake.  It has been adorable seeing her work on this dance.  She especially loved that she was dancing ballet this recital.  

Being a dance mom is never anything I really was prepared for but we are so lucky to be with a great dance company that is just minutes from the house.  Check out that bun!  I am actually getting better at doing her dance hair!!  HA!  And her favorite part is the make-up, of course!

Didn't she do great???  She came back to her seat and told me she did her very best but knows she made some mistakes.  Bless her little dancing heart!  I think she did great and I see many more recitals in our future.  

Our Tiny Dancer loves getting her special flowers from Daddy after her recital.  Another cute little tradition we all love.  

Hard to believe that next month we will be preparing for costumes for the summer recital!  The dance world is fast moving!  

Did you children have any recitals or programs this holiday season?

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  1. OMGoodness, she is so beautiful! Congrats to her for moving up with the big girls. I bet she loves that! I miss those days when my youngest child use to dance also, seeing this post reminds me back when Lex use be in dance! She danced even in high school! Your daughter deserves all the flowers and hugs for all her hard work!

  2. My son wasn't involved in any holiday recitals. I have been thinking about putting him in dance because he loves to move, move, move. Your daughter did great!


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