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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tattoo Thursday - A Turtle Tribute

For Christmas I bought Jeremy his newest tattoo. 
 He wanted a Turtle Tattoo in tribute to Jude (Our Turtle). :O) 

 This is what he created and Logan from Old World Tattoo in Arvada Colorado did for him:


This tattoo is in a shape of a turtle but also has Jude's initials in the shell and the body of the turtle is Jude's first footprint!  Talk about completely custom and personal!  


This is exactly what Jeremy wanted and I love it too!  So special.  It encompasses everything.  Jude's name, footprint, and turtles!  


Look how little Jude's little foot was!! cute and so little!  

So now Jeremy and I both have our Turtle Tattoos!  

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