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Monday, June 10, 2013

So I lost my mind - C25K

So last week I wrote this post.  It was all about my lack of motivation, weight loss and good choices in food.  Last week I was upset with myself but over the weekend I decided something must change. 
So I did this:
I lost my mind and downloaded the c25k app on my phone and I went for a jogg/walk that day! 
I completed the first day of the program and will do the second day tonight. 
For those of you that are wondering what this means.  C25k is a program with builds you up to the fitness to run a 5k.  "Couch 2 5k". 
This program has you slowly build to running.  The first day I wasn't too proud of my time but I was super excited that I put on my running shoes in the 90 degrees weather and hit the pavement! 

This is my face of exhaustion!  I finished Day 1!! 
Updates to come on how this program goes for me and how the extra exercise helps me on the scale this week! 
I would love to hear your c25k stories and tips! 



  1. I am a former runner who's done C25K multiple times. My tips are:

    1. Your "run" pace is whatever pace you can sustain for the whole run. You will get faster, but don't push it too much the first few weeks. You'll get injured and that's no fun.

    2. Stretch your feet out (pull your toes back toward your shin( before and after each run and make sure to thoroughly stretch your calves and achilles. Jogging while overweight puts a strain on those muscles and you'll end up with Plantar Fasciitis.

    3. If you can afford it and you think you'll keep at the jogging thing, go get fitted for proper shoes. Worth the time and money!

    4. You'll eventually get to a week where you think "my God I am not ready to move onto the next week yet". Don't... repeat the week. Mine was always week 5-6.

    5. HYDRATE!! Also try not to run in the hottest part of the day. Thats' just torturing yourself!

    Good luck, I miss running so much. Not suring... but how I felt after of course :)

  2. that's awesome!! I just downloaded 5K Runner, same concept, to keep me on a schedule. I love running and never ever thought I would!

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